Ann Coulter Bashed Michelle Obama’s Clothes …

… And I did not care.

Why do others care? It’s Ann Coulter. She’s two steps from self-immolation just to sell a book. And she’s impervious to insults because, seriously, what can you say about the bag-o-bones that hasn’t been said before? Isn’t it just sad and funny now? Yet, this is everywhere so … HERE IT IS ON THE SNOB!

Coulter wrote, “Her obvious imitation of Jackie O’s style – the flipped-under hair, the sleeveless A-line dresses, the short strands of fake pearls – would have been laughable if done by anyone other than a media-designated saint.”(Huffington Post)

Oh, SNAP! Damn, Ann! Can’t top that one! Michelle’s a bootleg Jackie O. clone and she’s married to B. Hussein Obama. Dammit woman, get some new material! If you’re going to raise my ire at least make an effort. This is sooo not low blow enough. Where are all the cocaine references? The misuse of hip hop slang? The “angry black woman” shizz? Accuse Michelle of sucking the blood of dead fetuses or something to keep her youthful sheen. Baby rape is always a winner. Trust!

But … sigh, oh, Ann, let’s be honest. No one cares! Weezer said it best (don’t pull my black card over Weezer), we’re all on drugs! Obama drugs! Do your best (or worst). You will be a blip on the media juggernaut. (Although, I’m sure NBC will let you go on Today and Hardball and terrorize people as always. Folks love a ratings freak show!)

Maybe you can find some new 9-11 wives to mock. Maybe military widows this time.

OK, Ragedy Ann, I’ll quit my mockery and admit my obvious bias. When it comes to conservative female pundits, I have picked my poisons — James Carville’s equally nutters wife Mary Matalin; the original Ann Coulter (but better, bitchier and, dare I say it, smarter) Bay Buchanan; CNN conservative/independent darling Amy Holmes and the equally hateful, but more entertaining Laura Ingraham. GO AWAY, Ann! I can’t take someone who took the Prince of Darkness to the prom seriously. Amy AT LEAST goes for cute Jew boys. Have some STANDARDS!!!

27 thoughts on “Ann Coulter Bashed Michelle Obama’s Clothes …

  1. Hmm.We’ll let Shakespeare put this in the proper perspective, shall we? “Jealously is the green-eyed monster that mocks the meat it feeds upon”. Coulter is a pathetic toothpick Barbie whose superficial beauty can’t hide the ugliness inside. What’s driving Ann Coulter crazy is that Michelle Obama is a proud, intelligent and elegant African-American woman who refuses to conform to the usual racist stereotypes. When Whoopi Goldberg interviewed Ms. Obama on “The View” she said “I’m really glad to see you because …any time you see black folks on the news, particularly women, they have no teeth, and the teeth that they have have gold around them and they can’t put a sentence together and now, you are helping to change a perception.” It’s wonderful when young African-American women see a positive role model who isn’t a semi-naked dancer in a rap video. What they see is an articulate, well-respected woman in a position of power who looks like them.Thankfully, Coulter’s opinion is a fading artifact of an era where bigots got to dictate what was “beautiful”. The world is changing, and the blond-haired, blue-eyed Scandinavian fantasy isn’t the only choice available anymore. Women of color can now be proud of their curly hair, full lips and dark skin. Isn’t it beautiful?

  2. I’m not a fan of Ann Coulter, and I do not think that Michelle O. dresses like a Jackie O. knockoff. I never have a problem with what she wears when she is dressed to impress (with the exception of the red and black dress) I do however, think that Michelle needs some fashion help for her casual clothes. The one day she wore those faded and tight blue jeans, white shirt and yellow sweater which all looked like they were one size too small…. The purple outfit (tragic from head to toe) again, too small. The fact that anyone has commented on Michelle’s “camel toe” at all means that some of her clothes are too tight. Other than that – I think she looks fabulous!

  3. My son and I were eating outside at a restaurant in West palm Beach. We happened to sit a table away from Ann, her mother and another person. She’s a bore who says this stuff to get a buck. Her act is tired. And like most hacks the best way to deal with her is with indifference.

  4. Meow…It’s one thing to comment on those ugly Thakoon print dresses, that god-awful black and red frock, and those bows that the First Lady select favors.It’s another thing all together to call Michelle a bootleg, cut rate Jackie O. The flip is just another way to change up the bob. Sheaths are generally universally appealing and if accessorized properly (not with bows 😉 ) can go from day to night, extending your wardrobe dollar. If wearing a flip and a sheath means that you are channeling Jackie, well, a lot of women are bootleg Jackies.

  5. I know Crazy Annie with her Adam’s apple is talking smack now. I mean she was MIA practically the whole General and much of the primary elections. You think your opinion matters now that were days from the Inauguration? Don’t worry snob you don’t have to worry about your black card revoked for liking Weezer. I like they’re song “Beverly Hills”. As long as mine not taken away for liking Fall Out Boy we’re good. 😉

  6. Ann Coulter wouldn’t have a job if it wasn’t for people who didn’t look like her. I think the first commenters use of Shakespeare was dead-on appropriate.Secondly,When I know about people I soooooooo hate like her, I believe that there’s a special place in hell just for her.

  7. Jealous Bitch. HahahahahaCan’t wit cornrowed little black girls ill be running throughout the WHITEHOOOOOOOOOOOOOUSE!!Ann eat your heart out. No seriously eat it out.!!!

  8. Oh please,The media is the source of the original link between Jackie and Michelle.What do you expect from Ann? She needs attention and is openly desperate enough to say any thing.As far as monitoring Michelle’s outfits-I have no interest in that aspect of her. I am more interested in how she is going to handle the move to D.C. and settling the little Michelle’s down.

  9. “What do you expect from Ann? She needs attention and is openly desperate enough to say any thing.”That’s pretty much it. I actually pity the poor thing. 🙁

  10. I don’t know why Man Coulter gets so much press. I truly think that her ‘book sales’ are due to wealthy republican operatives buying them in bulk to boost sales like the Scientology community did to boost sales of L Ron Hubbard’s books. And is it me or does this woman have an adam’s apple. Usually a tranny looks good but not in her case.

  11. I get sick and tired when people have to catergorize the Obama’s as some kind of Bamelot! They are going to introduce to American politics something entirely new.They are not the Kennedy’s and believe me they are not trying to be them either but people keep trying to put turn into something in which they are not.

  12. Ann has a new book to promote. Period. She talks smack to get attention because she has product to sell. If you notice, she wasn’t a big fixture during the election because she was saving her special brand of haterism for when her new book came out. She’s a product. Let’s not help her sell her books by giving her any more attention than she deserves. In fact, this response is probably too much.

  13. eastcoastcutie: If anyone who reads my blog buys a book I’ll be shocked. Please send me the receipt! LOL!The A: OMG. That made my life. LOL. Of course, I tend to think that Ann is a frustrated, closeted lesbian explaining her blinded nastiness towards all things feminist and gay even though both allow her to dress in mini-skirts while promoting garbage. Damn our FREE SOCIETY THAT SHE BENEFITS FROM!!!

  14. LMAO @ “The flipped under hair.” She doesn’t know that’s a universally African American female ‘do? We should be wondering who’s fresh Jackie was jacking.

  15. personally,i find michelle unique! i would never have worn that red and black number or the purple.her casual style is similar to my own- i am a stay at home mom of five in suburbia and i generally run around in anything comfortable and not too wrinkled! i will put on a slinky lycra black sheath dress with silver flip flops to avoid ironing,and that is my dinner date dress!honestly,most of my clothes come from target,old navy and gap.and i heard michelle loves target! i try to look american classic ( jeans,khakis,tee shirts and white shirts…with unusual accessories to bump it up 'style'and i think michelle has the same idea! of her favored designers,maria pinto,has lovely clothes,and if michelle lets her dress her,she'll look great!and the haters need to take a back seat,its OUR turn and michelle has sooo much more to offer than some clothes!keep it simple & elegant,i say- and if that is jackie o, then all of us who are busy and want to look like a lady are clones!

  16. Ann IS a hater; she is so often mean spirited. Michelle is elegant, classy, has her own style, so did Jackie O, so what? Ann just does this to make a buck. Can’t stand Ann, whenever she is on tv, I turn the channel.

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