The Award for Most Patience With A Crazy Person: MSNBC’s Tamron Hall!

Congratulations, Tamron Hill of MSNBC! You survived 10 tons of crazy the other day (without even messing up your magical perm), dealing with Conservative flack Kate Obenshain attempts to argue that the “Barack the Magic Negro” song was really about dissing Al Sharpton.

Democratic strategist hottie (oh, those eyebrows!) Jamal Simmons, also gets an honorable mention for riding shotgun on that one, but he should be used to crazy by now as a regular on these sort of “pundit versus pundit” deals.

You can watch the video here on Jezebel, who misspelled Tamron’s name while in the midst of giving her that badge of “Courage Under Extreme Ignorance Fire.”

I think I’d have more respect for the defenders of “Barack the Magic Negro” if they just admitted it was in bad taste, but shouted “FIRST AMENDMENT!” then ducked and hid somewhere after folks started throwing things. But they won’t do that, so … sigh. I guess it’s kind of a story now even though Rush Limbaugh already salted this earth months ago.

BTW, for coming up with a ridiculous argument that did not involve screaming “Yeah, it was tacky but FIRST AMENDMENT!” Kate Obenshain takes home the “Not Helping!” award for the day. You’re not helping the conservative cause, Obenshain! Maybe Ohio Republican Ken Blackwell can offer you some, “C’mon! It’s not that serious! I’m black and I’m not mad. We can mock the president without looking like assholes! The press is TOO sensetive! Liberals get to do it all the time!” defense tactics. Go back to the drawing board. Try something involving “word police” or “censorship,” because you really don’t have any legs to stand on here.

17 thoughts on “The Award for Most Patience With A Crazy Person: MSNBC’s Tamron Hall!

  1. As for your post Snob,Honestly?I’m tired of Black folk being insulted, and then being told that we have no right to be insulted.that we’re being ‘ too sensitive’.Fuck that. We’re not ‘too sensitive.’That’s insulting, racist garbage.

  2. rikryah: The problem is they really have no argument, so all they can do is insult people with faux sincerity and cries of “get over it.” That’s why I prefer when people just admit they’re being an ass. Last time I checked Howard Stern never apologized for being a sexist, perverse horndog.If you’re going to let your bigot flag fly, don’t lie to my face and say it’s something else. I half expected Tamron to crawl through the screen and slap her.

  3. Kate Obenshain must not want a future political career. The GOP has issues. I don’t understand why anyone would go on national television and defend this bull. I like the story about the old school black father… we need more parenting like that.

  4. but REALLY…the song was about Al Sharpton?? thats the best she could come up with?? But even if it was Al why would that make it ok?!? Why do these people always throw Al and JJackson in our faces and make it seem like they represent Black America. I am 20 and I can tell you they have and will never speak for me.

  5. p.s. its refreshing to see people like Tamron Hall NOT letting the b.s. fly. It is not being biased, it is giving the public the truth.

  6. Larry Elder was on CNN today sounding like a bucket full of crazy also. I can’t find the clip but it was hilarious. He went off into this rant about how the Democratic party is historically the party of bigotry. It was very entertaining.

  7. Now they’re saying the RNC _needs_ to give Michael Steele the chairmanship on principle alone. He’s a better man that I could ever be. I wish he’d publically piss on them and defect to the Democratic party, not try to be _their_ Black savior. Ideology or not, the GOP has done nothing but shown their true colors throughout this election – towards Blacks and women. Since I’m both, there isn’t anything they have to offer. This song bullshit is just the icing on the cake. Folks need to wake up.

  8. I’m also glad Tamron didn’t let her “get away with it”.As to David Ehrenstein, the writer who pinned the original LA Times piece , he’s apparently had a change of heart. Now he says “as everyone knows Whites feel no guilt about America’s racist history whatsoever,” Ehrenstein wrote. “All they care about is the appearance of politesse — the slimy veneer of “good manners.”<A HREF="“ REL=”nofollow”>LinkInitially, according to him, all “real” black men were just like Snoop Dog and Al Sharpton, now all white people are unrepentant racist. I suppose he was ‘keeping it real’ [black] by his lack of “good manners” in sneering at Obama for his ability to use the English language properly. On the other hand, Barack Obama is oppressing him [David]because he invited Rick Warren to speak at the inauguration. Maybe Beyonce could spend sometime with him- to get the lowdown on pain,abandonment and heartbreak? 😉

  9. I found the clip via YouTube…its disgusting!What I didn’t know was that it was published on the Rush “I’m a Racist” Limbaugh show – how does this asshat keep a show and Imus doesn’t I’ll never know.Uck. I feel dirty watching it.

  10. A racist Republican?! *GASP* Who would’ve thunk it?And as long as the GOP has dummies like Chip S., Rush L., and Kate O. as their talking heads, they will continue to appeal to less and less Americans and we’ll never have to worry about another Republican being elected to anything.Thanks GOP for doing our job for us!

  11. I say let the republicans wallow in their ignorance of foolish music and Sarah Palin. Obama/Biden 2012 shoud be a landslide, too.And the republican talking heads claim they are confused why blacks aren’t republican? Guess what? Most black folks know that republicans don’t want diversity, they want division. Ken Blackwell is a joke!

  12. Well its not a rumor. OBAMA IS NOT BLACK. His mother is white. So he is biracial. And the magic negro was started by a liberal. If you can’t stand the heat get out the kitchen. Crying about racism when our community is hateful and bigoted as well. pleeease!!!!

  13. To anonymous 8:35. His father is also BLACK. I notice you weren’t so keen to mention that either. He is both, but in america he will be seen as a black man. Get over it.

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