The Honolulu Advertiser Is Entering Creepy Stalker Territory With the President-Elect

Did they swim with dolphins? What kind of shaved ice did they eat? What are they wearing? When they poop does it smell like cinnamon loaf and rainbow sprinkles? More! More!

Obama entered Koko Marina Paradise Deli and said, “So, what are we going to get?” “Let me get a tuna sandwich,” Obama said, asking for it on 12-grain bread, tomatoes and no mayo.

“Actually, can you melt cheese on that?” he asked. “Can you make like a tuna melt with cheddar cheese?”

Obama then approached the press pool to say hello. He placed his shoulder on this reporter, who was scribbling notes, and said, “You don’t really need to write all that down.” (Honolulu Advertiser)

But was the tuna dolphin safe? The reporter didn’t write that down! Inquiring minds musat know, Honolulu Advertiser!

At one point on the sidewalk, Obama dropped his sunglasses, bent down and picked then up.

Because, I really needed to know that. Was Angelina and Brad there, you know, as long as we’re being ridiculous in our coverage? Did Jennifer Aniston say it was “uncool” that the President-Elect seemed to approve of Brangelina sinful, international adopted baby-filled common-law marriage? Where’s the scoop Advertiser?

Obama ate his sandwich before his shave ice, saying he wanted to set a good example for his girls by eating healthy food before dessert.

Inside Kokonuts, Obama, with his BlackBerry on his left hip, ordered shave ice for the kids and friends.

He told Malia, “We’re going to do it one at a time.”

Some ordered banana coconut or pina colada. Sasha ordered a medium banana-flavor shave ice.

“Everyone, once you’ve ordered, step back,” Obama instructed the kids.

Obama pulled cash out of his wallet and Eric Whitaker pitched in to pay the bill. Obama ordered mixed-berry shave ice for Sam Tubman and offered shave ice to the press pool.

“Guys, here’s your chance,” he told the pool. “No? I’m telling you, this is really good … I don’t think this is against policy. You want one, I can tell.”

The press pool declined the president-elect’s offer.

Fascinating. And now, for my favorite mundane detail about a routine trip for snacks and fun at a water park.

Earlier in the day, the group left Sea Life Park about 1:40 p.m. after spending 90 minutes at the marine amusement park.

The press pool was not allowed inside the park. Obama did not pose for pictures or talk to reporters, but reporters could see him, his daughters, and several other family friends leave the park from the interactive dolphin area.

Tourists who were inside showed pool reporters photographs they took of Obama and his family and friends. Obama is wearing a casual cream-colored shirt tucked into olive shorts, and sandals.

The Obamas and friends were seen attending the dolphin show, tourists said.

It is unclear whether the Obamas swam with dolphins, and Obama’s clothing did not appear wet.

OMG! The world may never know if Sasha and Malia swam with dolphins! I don’t know if my life can be complete now! (And, yes, if that had happened the pictures would be cute, but I seriously didn’t need to know how the Big O likes his tuna melt or that he dropped his sunglasses. Seriously. What are you people? Cops?) And while I faux stalk the Obamas, you, Honolulu Advertiser, you beat my faux stalking with your real-time accounts of banality hands down. Did you bid on that used Kleenex Scarlett Johansson sold on eBay last week? Because that’s almost where this breadth of detail belongs.

That said … DADDY/DAUGHTERS TIME! Or should I say, President-Elect/Future First Daughters time!

24 thoughts on “The Honolulu Advertiser Is Entering Creepy Stalker Territory With the President-Elect

  1. Actually, it’s not the Honolulu Advertiser coming up with this stuff. It’s from the daily pool reports reported by the official press corps that literally follows Obama everywhere. Then they give the info to the AP and stuff.

  2. The article has it down as a combo of Advertiser staff and “wire services,” so, it appears to be a joint stalking adventure that the Advertiser wants some credit for.Of course, they don’t designate which “scoop” is officially theirs. Perhaps they are responsible for the cracker jack tuna fish sandwich reporting.

  3. Also, I have to say that the President Elect has a very nice behind. High and muscular. I’ve noticed that for a long while and since people were drooling over the recent shirtless photos, I feel I can say that now.

  4. He thinking, Damn, did I sign up for this ish? Leave me the !*&# ALONE. Just trying to have a nice outing with my dag on kids. For real.

  5. The traveling press pool are the “creepy stalkers.” I’ve seen all these details in all the major newspapers.Respectfully agree on the presidential bootay. On Obama Pics Daily,others also respectfully agree.Shave ice goes on top of icecream -best of both worlds.

  6. Shaved ice is nothing but another word for snowcone, and I know I’m not the only one who bought them on the streeet (Daddy hated when I did that). I thought they were totally stalkerish. The tuna sandwich was too much. He went with the kids to a place where he would enjoy the simple things with the kids. Wasn’t none of their business. Wasn’t part of anything to do with the country.

  7. LOL at the comment that shaved ice got nothing on ice cream, ice cream is Malia’s favorite food if Im not mistaken. I like Shaved Ice especially when it melts and I can Slurp the juice!!!

  8. I like Ice cream better though. Sigh, get it right Obama. LOL, I love Obama’s expression in the last pic, he sure loves to smile with his teethus.

  9. Yeah, its rather creepy. Dang let the man enjoy his last few weeks before he takes over. I don’t know but as a parent, having folks all over me like that would drive me insane.LOL about snowcone….shaved ice is indeed a snow cone, but guess we gotta be fancy these days.

  10. And it’s only the beginning. It’s going to be worse after he takes office.And now that “news” organizations know that Hawaii will be his hideaway…since he grew up there, etc… they will be spending the next few months trying to ensure that it WON’T be his getaway spot anymore. You can bet that there are at least a few “news” organizations from around the World trying to set up shop in Hawaii… with new Hawaii bureaus. The same is probably happening for Chicago…although Chicago is huge and already had a big media presence… unlike Hawaii. He gets irritated because he is used to Hawaii being his sanctuary… and now he realizes that he won’t have that peace of mind anymore. He’s the first Rock Star level President since Kennedy…and the media doesn’t know what to do… they are foaming at the mouth going crazy. Tracking food selections? Listing itinerary? Posting clothing descriptions down to the stitch? But I wonder….would the snob be any different if she were assigned to TJ? :)I’m trying to picture how that would go. lol

  11. independent: I’m pretty sure TJ would find my stalking services a breath of fresh air. I’m probably the only online TJ gawker who DOESN’T bring up Rozanda “Chili” Thomas (his one month fling or more than a year ago) over and over like he was her backwash.TJ’s the star in my show! And unlike Barack, he could use the coverage. CNN is sitting on a hot black male goldmine with their anchors and reporters. I just wish they would DO something with them substantial. Like the all hot black male reporter three hour block starring TJ, Don Lemon and Chris Lawrence. They could even invite that one brother who needs to eat a sandwich. (God, he is SKINNY!)FOX News isn’t afraid to pump out their hot blondes. I don’t know who CNN is fooling.Give TJ a SHOW!That is all.

  12. I feel bad for him and his family. I understand he is a public elected official BUT he also deserves some basic common decency, respect and privacy…

  13. I think you doeth protest to much. After the paraphenalia that was produced during the primary’s do you really believe that it wouldn’t turn into entertainment all night long? This blog is constantly publishing pictures of the Obama’s, commenting on the kids, wardrobe suggesions, et al. You reap what you sow and you should stop publishing pictures of the children as well.Now to what the Obama’s can do. Declare off limits by not allowing press coverage at the White House by any organization that publishes picures of the children period. They checked themselves on the Bush twin’s drunken escapades and for Chelsea Clinton as well.

  14. Hey there!This type of news coverage is utterly ridiculous…what’s next…some reporter describing how Obama scratched his shoulder or touched the tip of his nose??!Ridiculous.I am surprised that the reporters are permitted to get that close to him when he’s having a “private” vacation with his family.Geeeesh.

  15. “his clothing did not appear wet…” God, I’m surprised that they didn’t walk up and paw him just to make sure.

  16. Okay all I gleaned from this post was that Brad and Angelina aren’t married? How did I miss that? I thought they were actually legally married! WTF! Can you have out-of-wedlock adopted kids? Poor Zahara, drawn into all of this craziness!(lol)

  17. This is just the tip of the iceberg from the stalk-a-razzis. I just need them to give the same privacy to Malia and Sasha as was given to Chelsea and at some point the Bush twins.Regarding the comment about T.J. coverage, he really does need some. Where is he? Don Lemon has a “special” interview at least once a week. The other day he was in Chicago (makes sense because that’s his “stomping ground”) he had Myron Rolle interview the a couple weeks prior to this and Saturday was a look at the life and times of James Brown. Where are TJ’s reports? TJ probably needs to start interacting on FB and twitter and get some ideas.BTW did you see show on Saturday? Lord have mercy. That blonde Abby Boudreau was killing me and from the looks of things killing him softly too. He was not relaxed because he had to be on the top of things for all the mistakes she was making. And to think she has awards. I guess she can do package reports but really SUCKS at anchoring. It was sad and painful. I stopped watching.

  18. The stalkeratzi is ridiculous. They can do what they did for the 8 years Bush was in office – NOTHING. Well nothing but avoid discussing what was going on – but you get my drift.

  19. Black Snob:Seriously, what did you think would happen when Obama became president? Why should he expect to have less press coverage than any other president. Besides, you’ve got to keep the fourth estate happy lest they turn on you, which they will do in a heartbeat.

  20. I agree he does have a nice *ss – oops did I say dat. I also agree what the…can’t a man go get a friggin’ ice cream with his girls? Please yall get a LIFE!

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