Merry Christmas: Michelle O. In January 2009 Vogue Magazine … Maybe

This picture surfaced recently on the Web claiming to be for a January Vogue cover shot, but other reports have Michelle on for the cover in March (which were recently debunked in Newsweek’s blog Readback so who the hell knows what’s going on here). This also looks very similar to some pictures Michelle took for Paris Match Magazine in 2007 by the same photographer. But until then, enjoy this nibble until I get a higher quality picture. The photo is by, of course, famed celebrity/fashion photographer Annie Leibovitz. (Above image from Flickr; below image from Mrs-O)

25 thoughts on “Merry Christmas: Michelle O. In January 2009 Vogue Magazine … Maybe

  1. Anne Marie Johnson’s the right actress to play Michelle. I remember her from “In The Heat Of The Night.” She has the height, the face, and the acting skills to pull it off. As for the coloring, they can use a little makeup and creative lighting.

  2. this picture isn’t on the cover. Jennifer Aniston’s on the cover. I wasn’t going to buy it because of her, and then I looked inside and saw the picture of the future PE and FLOTUS, and decided to get it. But, they were not on the cover. This pic was inside.

  3. I believe Aisha Tyler could play Michelle Obama. She’s 6 feet, Ivy-League educated. She can play Michelle Obama. And yes, the color thing IS important. No light-skinned actresses playing Michelle Obama.

  4. I’d agree and say that the ‘colour thing’ is important too. An actor must physically resemble the real lie character their portraying in a movie as much as possible to achieve greater characterisation. That’s just my opinion but yes Aisha Taylor would pull it off better in my books.

  5. Hi there!I hope that you had a merry, merry Christmas!!I think that photo of Michelle with her hair pulled back is absolutely stunning! She is in wonderful shape and her look is just astounding! She’s 43 and has really made fitness a priority in her life…as we all should.Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!Lisa

  6. What about Angela Basset? Or maybe HW could hold auditions and find someone new instead of the same old recycling. Hell they need to do that for the white actresses. I’m tired of the same old faces anyway.

  7. We as African Americans are all over the map color-wise, so as long as the makeup department ensure that Michelle O actor is darker than the actor portraying Barack O., history will be served. That said, although Tracee Ellis Ross is only 5'7" according to IMDb, she has a similar pear shaped body type. Beyond that, I believe that her acting chops are underrated. She'd be a welcome change from Angela "stereotypical-strong-black-woman" Bassett, who's too old & definitely too short. Even Kerry Washington, Hollywood's current go-to black female actor would top A.B. in my book, but she's also too short for the role.TM

  8. I think Angela Basset would be good. I know she plays every black female in films but you have to admit she is a one hell of an actress.

  9. That page is from Vogue’s Jan 2009 issue with Anne Hathaway on the cover it is part of a 7 page essay and photo layout on the new first family. The images are all from precious Vogue and Men’s Vogue photo shoot and a 2 page spread of the family on election night…. the Michelle on the cover of Vogue image still alludes us

  10. The best actress to play the role of Michelle Obama would be Kimberly Elise. She played the lead character Helen in Tyler Perry’s Diary of a Mad Black Woman.

  11. Anne Marie Johnson? I just don’t see any resemblance AT ALL other than height between the two? Don’t see it in the daughter either. And it has nothing to do with skin color. Michelle has a prominent jaw line and high cheek bones and prominent mouth area due to her teeth. Anne Marie’s face is very narrow and her mouth is not prominent in her face. Aisha Tyler’s features are to keen for Obama though she does have the height, certainly not the build. Aisha like Johnson is very thin and petite despite height. Ms O. is a little “amazon” in her figure by comparison. Kimberly Elise could maybe pull it off acting wise but looks nothing like the future first lady. Actually as I wrote this it hit me who I always thought Michlle O looks like. I was thinking Anna Maria Horsford (sp)from 80’s sitcom 227 looks more like M.O. than anyone who has been mentioned– if she lost a little weight. Funny how no one thought she was “hot” then but apparently now she really could turn a few heads. I am not sure how old Horsford is now; however she is only 5’8 according to IMDB. Also newscaster Harris Faulkner reminds me more of the “essence” of Michelle Obama than Anne Marie whose presence always seemed to be a little flimsy. Whoever plays Michelle has to have presence. I’m a huge stickler for historical characters being played by people who actually look something like them. Currently I cannot think of anyone in hollywood whose facial features are as strong who is young enough –Cicely Tyson has a similar stong face but is obiously too old-.Gabrielle Union, too cute. Maybe in 10 year? But still not a strong featured face.And I think if a light skinned actress played Michelle Obama, the masses of black women who see her as the IT GIRL for dark brown beauty would riot in the streets. Likewise, it better be an actress commonly thought of as pretty even if she doesn’t resemble Michelle O to a tee– otherwise more angry black women. There’s a lot riding on the depiction of her as physically appealing. A black man commented to me the other day that he finds Michlle attractive, but feels like he’ll be run out of town by his black women friends if he were to say he doesn’t find her exceptionally beautiful or “hot”. He says she’s just better than average looking in his book but if just comparing her to other first ladies, then yeah, she’s a raving beauty.

  12. Why not Oprah? Once she gets back on the diet wagon and loses some weight. No real resemblance but has a similar type of presence and the other Miss O would be well served to get a role that’s not a slave or typical “mammmy” depiction under her belt. Oprah can act. Not as tall but I think unless you go with an unknown you won’t get the height.Frankly an unknown might be the best bet. I find Michlle O attractive but I certainly think part of the appeal is that there are quite a few black women in the general population who resemble her in skin tone and features, and body type– or at least think they do as I keep hearing over and over that she looks just like “the average black woman” while at the same time hearing how “gorgeous” she is. Look up the definition of the word gorgeous AND THEN look up average. She can’t be both. She’s either gorgeous or she’s the average black woman who at last check ain’t 6 feet tall and in pretty decent physical shape.Any of those WNBA girls got any potential as an actress?

  13. Love the color of the dress. It looks great on her. The make up is a little draggish.Why oh why does every make-up artist, apparently, even the ones at Vogue think every black woman a shade over beige must be sporting a violet shade somewhere on her face! Drives me crazy. It’s just a make up artist being lazy. We don’t see Oprah JUST in purples on her face. It’s good thing she has such a strong face or it would be completely overwhelmed.Okay that’s my only complaint. Otherwise she looks very nice. Hair back is better than the bob IMHO. I think she could rock a short cut because that dated stiff bob is not doing her justice!

  14. Hey Anon at 12:03 I totally agree with you on the mauve color palette but don’t blame Vogue for the makeup, the artist used for the spread was Michelle’s longtime makeup artist Ingrid Grimes who she seems to use pretty much exclusivley

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