The Media Continues It’s Blagojevich Wall-to-Wall Speculation Watch

… and now I’m bored.

There are a lot of things wrong with this idle, yet obsessive speculation on whether or not President-Elect Barack Obama or his Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel hob-nobbed with the Rod, but almost all those things are conversation enders and without the conversation what would anyone have to talk about? We’d be looking at a Christmas holiday of nothing but Obama “shirtless” coverage. Dullsville. Much more fun to pretend like the scandal surrounding Gov. “Hot” Rod Blagojevich has given the Obama transition team the clap.

But for the sake of argument, here are a few “conversation killers”:

1) Rahm hates Blago.

2) Obama hates Blago.

3) Blago hates Obama and Rahm and allegedly complained about it quite verbally.

4) Everyone in the entire state of Illinois knew Hot Rod was under investigation by the Feds as the man has been under some form of investigation for more than two years.

5) And because Blago was under investigation no politician, regardless of party, wanted shit to do with him, including Obama who, mind you, was the Democratic nominee for president and didn’t invite the governor of his state to speak at the convention, on the stump, as a surrogate or at the park after he won.

Gee. It’s almost like Obama wanted NOTHING TO DO WITH THE MAN!

But, please, ignore all the empirical evidence of folks running away from Hot Rod as fast as they can. Heavens to Betsy, what would we talk about if we listened to the obvious? I suppose Blago could have just been complaining about Obama’s team for poops n’ giggles. Not because they wouldn’t give him what he wanted or that they wouldn’t play ball. Nope. Everyone sounds like good, good buddies here. Didn’t the Obamas invite Hot Rod to Hawaii for fruitcake and body surfing?

Wait? He didn’t?

Never mind.

9 thoughts on “The Media Continues It’s Blagojevich Wall-to-Wall Speculation Watch

  1. corporate media doesn’t want to talk about the auto bailouts and the continuing downfall of the economy so we r stuck with this Rahm/Blago-breath saga and a pathetic attempt from the right to link Obama to this nonsense….NEXT.

  2. It’s Vince Foster all over again with a dash of White Water from the Clinton era. This reminds me of there wall to wall reruns of Rev. Wright. The plus side to all this at least after hearing this crap for the next few weeks no one will care about it anymore. Thanks Media! for running this story into the ground.

  3. seriously, the media in this country is disgusting. It says something about the crappy jounalism when everyone (both from the left and right) agree they suck. Forget all the important stuff, let’s just stick to the story that we think will get us rating, nevermid the fact that its compeltely untrue, and useless. That’s how the media helped Bush takes us to war that kille 4,00 soldiers!!!

  4. now, how dare you go around speaking THE TRUTH.What are you?An actual journalist?Shame on you.You should know better.Now, get out there and fling innuendo with the rest of those SOB’s.

  5. It’s a sexy story, even if there’s nothing there. So the media is horny for it.Putting my Grammar Nazi hat on, on point number 4 the word should be knew not new.:X

  6. It's not going to end anytime soon either. February marks the 200th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's birth and there's gunnah be a big ass party in Springfield. Obama is expected to come. Naturally the governor will be involved, too, but Blago likely won't be impeached and sex he won't resign by then, which means Blag & O will be seated (uncomfortably) on the dais together. Awkwaaaaard.RL

  7. anonymous: Back in the day, the TV news was about public service because the television industry was so lucrative the major three networks could practically print their own money, lavishing their news divisions. When the focus got narrower and things got more competitive with the advent of cable, the news divisions were expected to turn a profit just like all the other divisions, hence the drama you have today.It’s about money. It’s always about money. NBC/Universal is one more bad TV season away from switching places with the CW as the world’s crappiest network. They’re thinking of dropping their Friday programming (while FOX, oddly, may finally expand to Fridays come Spring). Newspapers are dying and both the internet and TV rely heavily on print reporting to function. CBS is partnering up more and more with CNN and Turner Broadcasting affiliates. The biggest travesty of the lead up to the Iraq War was that everyone was basically getting their news from the NYT and reporter Judith Miller was seriously compromised by Bush Administration sources quoting anonymously. But with almost every newspaper cutting all its national and international reporting, they relied more and more on the NYT and Associated Press for the scoop. If you’ve only got two news sources and one is demonstrably corrupted by a rogue reporter shit is going to be ugly.It’s getting all kinds of scary out there.rikyrah: You can tell how interested I am in this pseudo scandal with the total of two blog posts I’ve written about it. If I were forced to write about it all I’d ever post were jokes about Blago’s hair and Rahm’s missing finger. There is totally no news here, but hey … it is what it is. CNN’s gotta eat, folks!MJ: Thank you, Grammar Nazi! Problem fixed.RL: Oh the game of musical chairs that will be played at that celebration. The “Who wants to sit next to Blago?” game.

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