Merry Christmas from The Snob, Glitter and Chuckles

Happy Holidays from Glitter n’ Chuckles! Kiss big baby Jesus for Mimi while you wait for Nick to put on the red suit and drive a sleigh lead by a team of My Little Ponies with Sparkle Pony sparkling the way (of course)! Rainbow Brite’s got shotgun with pookie n’ em! Wildin’ out, as always.

I love how cartoon Nick and Mariah look nothing like real life Nick and Mariah. And I like how cartoon Mariah is nice n’ “I just got back from Acapulco” brown, but still has super blonde hair. Awesome. Where’s that pesky barf bag? Anyway, I just did this to torture you because you were all such good sports about my Glitters n’ Chuckles blog hijacking from November.

Now, I’m going to eat some German chocolate cake and watch a bazillion movies. Unless something breaks I’ll see ya’ Monday. Stay totally Sparkle Pony n’ shizz! (Copy of Xmas card from MCODB)

13 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from The Snob, Glitter and Chuckles

  1. Snob,Girl you know I love you. Love your blog. But I’s is so tired of giggles and snorkels or whatever the frak they called. Let um go baby, please let um go.

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