More Obama In Hawaii, Now Shirtless

I was going to bury this because it feels so odd to ogle the president, but … eh, screw it. Shirtless pics are going up top!

He played some golf too. (And yes, I got all ninty-billion of your notes and emails about Obama being shirtless! Yes! I got them ALL!!!)

This is going to be the most awkwardly sexy four-to-eight years ever. Also, are we joining the rest of the world in shirtless world leaders? If so, Hopey McChangey’s abs kicks Putin’s abs ass. And all disputes between our two countries should be settle with ab-offs.

But, back to serious business now. Nothing to see here! Move along! Enjoy the golfing pictures. Aren’t they great? What? No, I don’t want to discuss the shirtless pictures. YES, I’m aware I posted them. They’re from TMZ and he’s allegedly doing the laundry on his washboard abs, they joked. (Shirtless tip from Gawker, of course.)

They were taken along with several others of the family at the vacation home by gossip site Bauer-Griffin. It was a nightmare just to view the few pictures I did on their blog, (the site is all kinds of not working today), but it’s worth it. There are tons of pictures on there. Although, if both the Washington Press corps and the paparazzi are all going to stalk the Obamas at once this is going to be an odd presidency.

30 thoughts on “More Obama In Hawaii, Now Shirtless

  1. It looks like her hair is wet like she was swimming with the girls. Every black woman is not hair crazy. I am pretty sure Michelle is one of those blk women who does not give a sh*t about getting her hair wet!! THANK GOD

  2. I don’t think Michelle is all about her hair either. Barack loves the ocean, so I doubt he’d hook up with a sista who was more concerned with keeping her hair cute than frolicking in the ocean with him. I’m pretty sure she can swim cause her dad was a competitive swimmer and boxer before he got MS.

  3. Can I just say the littlest Obama is the true “Sasha Fierce”. That child could teach Beyonce a thing or two about fabulousness and real attitude. She is too cute. Beyonce is a bore! Let’s hear it for the real Sasha Fierce!! LOL

  4. Oh my word. It must be wrong to ogle the President. Awkward 4 to 8 years indeed. But I must say, as psyched as I am to see the pics of Barack shirtless, I’m a little disturbed by the paparazzi stalking of the little girls. I fear them being stalked everywhere like the Brangelina brood.

  5. dkan71: I was thinking that as well. The Washington Press Corps is one thing. They’ll back off simply because they want access to the president. But the paps (who took the swimsuit, family frolicking pictures) do not recognize such rules. They are not part of a larger news organization that needs access to press briefings, interviews and story tips. Paparazzi go on a hunt for photos and sell those photos to the highest bidder. That’s a lot harder to bargain with and control. As long as people want to see the Obamas there will be a market for the photos, aka “tons and tons of money” therefore the paparazzi will push the boundaries.Fortunately, Obama has a Secret Service detail in his favor.

  6. I used to think that Obama was so cute and handsome, successful, a loving husband and father, inspiring, and fantastic, except he didn’t have a great body. I based that on a pic of him in that Obamagirl video. But now I have to take it back. If I were married to Barack Obama I would be totally satisfied and his chest and shoulders are so…so nice and he’s just the man. Wow, he has abs. Just wow. Yes I will ogle him right along with you. He’s totally dreamy !!!! Squee!!!!!

  7. “Can I just say the littlest Obama is the true “Sasha Fierce”. That child could teach Beyonce a thing or two about fabulousness and real attitude. She is too cute. Beyonce is a bore! Let’s hear it for the real Sasha Fierce!! LOL”Haha! This is too funny…

  8. Bronze TrinityI was thinking the exact same thing!! In that Obamagirl video, that picture of him shirtless revealed his age. But I see now Mr. President has a six pack. You betta do that Barack with your 40-something self!!!!

  9. Wow…Obama is hot. Who would have guessed it? I’m desperately trying not to ogle…but I can’t resist. I’m going in for another peek. 😛

  10. This definitely has a papparazzi feel to it. They look like they’re having fun and relaxing which of course, they deserve.Oh well – Happy Holidays TBS and company.

  11. In the words of Pharell – “Sexy, Sexy — AH-HA!”I predict another Obama baby while he and Michelle are in the WH. Look at him! I’d be all on that erryday…got to keep the Monica L. impersonators at bay!

  12. I can’t wait to see little girls (and boys) that have a poster of a shirtless Obama hanged up in their room right next to the poster of Zac Efron. I don’t really think these pictures of the girls are that intrusive, and the Obama’s have already pretty much given a gag order on them talking the children. However, at the end of the day, their lives are going to be in the public’s eye from now on. The Obama’s have clearly become the first celebrity family on the 21st century. And thank goodness, I’ve gotten a bit bored with the Hollywood set.

  13. This is the first time I feel completely justified in salivating over a President…The others were just gross. Obama is just…hawt. It is a new day in America Indeed!::takes out a fan:: Michelle is so lucky.

  14. @dkan71: It’s still possible. My mother was 42 when she had me so it is possible. My mom was saying they have to have a little barack jr. 😉 AS for Mr.Obama sexy!

  15. Well…I am glad that Michelle had the good sense to cover up in a towel…Eventhough her child is small…she should not have her girl’s bodies on display for the world to see in bikinis unless they are covered with a towel when they are in the range of the media…I just think that being modest is NO LONGER valued by so many of our people and we perhaps we need to start making modesty vogue…

  16. Trumpet: Um, no.On one hand, I see your point about having little girls in bikinis. On the other hand, I think it’s disgusting that Sasha can’t be a little girl minding her damn business to go swimming. SHE has to be modest because some pervs might get the wrong idea? That’s part of the problem, WE have to be modest because of what other people (particularly men) may think. I’ll have a problem with Sasha’s choice of dress when she actually has something to put in a bikini. Until then, let her be a little girl who wants to get her swim on. Hell, I’m just happy that she’s not a little black girl who’s been told she can’t go in the water because her hair might turn.

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