Hustlenomics*: Inappropriately Hot Young Obama Picture Is Already A T-Shirt!

And its available for you for the low, low price of $22 (plus shipping and handling).

As I wrote last month, the economy and the election of Barack Obama have spawned a perfect storm for the hardworking hustlemen and women of North America.

You see them everywhere selling their hastily created Obama-themed wares. And they move FAST! Why, it was just Wednesday when Time Magazine released those smokity-smoke-smoke-hot pictures of a young, college Kid Creole Obama and the hustle people are already cracking away. This time with an unwilling “this thing looks like that thing” assist from Bambu Rolling Papers. Only, no one slid Bambu any “papers” for using bastardized versions of their images, so they’re calling the lawyers.

Soooo … get ’em while they’re legal!

*Is “Hustlenomics” a class at Columbia yet? And if not, why? And if you’re a economist looking for a trendy book idea with a cute title, this could be your “Freakanomics” only with flea market pushers, bootleggers and masters of Photoshop and I’m just giving it away!

5 thoughts on “Hustlenomics*: Inappropriately Hot Young Obama Picture Is Already A T-Shirt!

  1. Pres elect is looking mighty fly. How about a poster of that, so I can fall asleep looking at his dreamy face. Kidding. Kind of…

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