Time Magazine’s Inappropriately Hot, Semi-Pro Smoking Young Obama Pictorial

Time Magazine named Barack Obama “Person of the Year (duh),” but put up these gorgeous photos taken in 1980 when Obama was in college. The photos were done by a student/aspiring photographer who asked if he’d sit for some black and white pictures so she could use them in her portfolio. How insanely cool does he look here? The hat, man! The hat! It’s INSANE, I tell you. He’s Sammy, Dino, Frankie Blue-Eyes and Joey Bishop, Kool and the Gang meets a hot black nerd sandwich, hand-rolled into a ciggy and smoked. *Head exploded!*

35 thoughts on “Time Magazine’s Inappropriately Hot, Semi-Pro Smoking Young Obama Pictorial

  1. I KNOW! I tend to keep my Obama gawking set on “family-friendly,” but that nearly drove me over the cliff there. I almost went all gross and had to walk myself back from the edge.

  2. Ms. Snob, you are my official "Obama picture" site. I can always count on you to have good ones of him & the family. Look how young is face still is here! And mmm, mmm, mmmm…. the hat, the cigarette combined w/the black & white. Like McDonald's – I'm Lovin It! (LOL!)

  3. Now this makes me want to smoke. If this was an ad campaign I would go to my nearest store and buy a pack of whatever he was selling. Mmmm….Marlboro.

  4. SA: I know! The industry is sitting in a room right now trying to figure out how to make this work in some sort of “Congratulations on being the new president! How would you like packs of Salems for life?” without catching hell.

  5. Ive been saying it for years that hats needed to come back into style. But this takes the cake. But Im not sure if the cigs make him look cool, or if Barry can make ANYTHING look cool.

  6. I feel wrong, so wrong for even typing this..channelling one of my favorite Dave Chappelle skits:Is Barack Obama gonna have to choke a b#($*? “

  7. he’s so cute, I’ve had a crush on him for years, before he ran for President. Im only 18, lol, so I was like 15 crushing on my future President. Oh my, Michelle I hate you girl. LOL, j/k, j/k..

  8. And Im not sure how I even got into Obama back when I was younger, I liked his swag, I thought he was so cute for a politician, he’s like my first political crush, ahem after JFK Jr. and I was like 13 or 14 and JFK Jr. had already been gone for like 6 years. I Obama, like as a leader but also as some you know, eye candies!!!

  9. He’s so appealing in these photos.I hope he’s fully committed to Michelle. The last thing the country needs is a President that goes beyond temptation…and becomes a little too busy in the Oval office.

  10. Til the cops come knockin’! There is no other reason she kept the pictures for all these years…Wheww. DAMN.

  11. I don’t make it a habit to cuss….but DAAAAAAAMMMMMNNNNN!!!I thought Barack was fine for a man old enough to be my dad (and I’m 25!!) But he was was even finer as a young man. If him and Michelle get a divorce, I want to be next in line!!! LOL!!

  12. what kind of ciggie is obama smoking? te kind you roll yourself? i kid….we were all young and free once…at least i know i was…(not free) 😉

  13. You can look at these pictures and know that he and the chick photographer knocked boots, as the old folks say. I mean really. That ain’t just posing. The looks he’s giving the camera are just straight up eye phucking. And add to the fact that in the article he saw her decades later in DC and and STILL recognized her even though they only saw each other a few times in school. Seriously, this chick got chopped down by Barack. Lucky!!!!

  14. LOL. Y’all sure that’s tobacco he’s smokin’? Sorry, not trying to kill the fantasy you ladies have made of him but when I first saw this I thought, “Is that cigga-weed?” The dazed look in his eyes, the fact that he admitted to “burning” quite a bit when he was in college, and he was an island boy (lived on Oahu for many years, myself, and knew a lot of tokers). LOL I’m just sayin’…

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