RuPaul IS RuBama!!!

Heee-larious, plus all kinds of fierce. Much better than Tyra’s Michelle O. impersonation from this fall. And RuPaul beats her down from both sides, working that dress we all hated! But then, I’m biased. I love me some RuPaul. You betta work!

The only down side to this will be the lazy “Michelle is a man” jokes that will develop from this. Lame! Can’t we simply enjoy some crazy RuPaul without the rudeness? He, and his fabulous drag persona, would NOT approve. (TMZ)

16 thoughts on “RuPaul IS RuBama!!!

  1. Yeah. I love me some RuPaul. I’m serenading Mama Snob with several verses of “Supermodel” right now. I’m shocked I still remember the words.And he looks GREAT! (As always!) And the makeup is OUT of CONTROL. (As always!) And it’s too cabaret for Michelle, but yes, he’s got the makeup game down pat.

  2. Oh Monie, I was thinking about that mess that RuPaul defends but you beat me to the punch. Ru gets no pass for that. I used to listen to the morning show in NYC and the VH1 show but you know we all have our self-hate/racial issues to work on. He is definitely not an ally for defending such a virulent racist – but I do like his Michelle Obama.

  3. I hate, loathe, when black men dress up as black women. It is always a disservice to black women who constantly are battling the stereotype of not being feminine enough. I think Ru is just trying to gain some shine by usurping the Obama popularity.

  4. Not a fan of this at all. There are already PLENTY of people out there saying Michelle Obama looks like a man or a drag queen.I blame it on the UNFLATTERING Newsweek cover of her sometime last year. Even I, who think Michelle is fairly attractive thought at first glance that pic was an image of a drag queen and cringed when I realized it was Michelle Obama.It’s just unfortunate because his hair and make up is better and he does really look like her! BUT HE SHOULDN’T HAVE WENT THERE!!!

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