Attempted Presidential Assault With A Deadly Shoe

The interpreters said the reporter (who was once kidnapped and tortured by Shiite militiamen) was yelling “This is a farewell kiss, you dog,” but I always heard him yelling, “King Imperialist, Incurious George, you ruined my country! SHOE TO THE FACE!”

What a way to end the presidency. Poor George is never going to live the indignity of nearly catching a loafer to the noggin. Of course almost catching a shoe to the face is probably the closest President Numbnuts is going to get to “accountability” or “justice” for being a major fucktard with a Messiah complex who had the opposite of the Midas Touch.

I call it the “Turdblossom Touch.” He everything he touched to turned into turds.

But, you know? Whatever. I’ve accepted the fact he’s going to live out his days in Dallas trying to convince people he was just trying to keep us safe, not just trying to keep that oil safe. Some are calling for the release of reporter Muntadar al-Zeidi, a correspondent for Al-Baghdadia television, and Iraqi reaction is mixed with some all “No! Shoe throwing is totally UNCOOL, man” and others “SHOE TO THE FACE, MFers!”

From AP:

In Baghdad’s Shiite slum of Sadr City, supporters of radical Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr called for protests against Bush and demanded the release of the reporter. Thousands took to the streets Monday, chanting, “Bush, Bush, listen well: Two shoes on your head.”

Georgie Porgy was full of jokes, per usual, equating the shoe throwing to a freedom shoe throwing, or whatever glib thing he said that glossed over realities like being a kidnapped and tortured journalist, or having al-Qaida backers kill your family, or having your schools and businesses blown up, or seeing dead bodies fill the streets as neighborhoods were ethnically cleansed, or watching friends and family flee to Syria and Jordan to escape the bloodshed. You know? That shit.

But, who cares! It’s presidential stand up time!

Talking to a small group of reporters after the incident, Bush said, “I didn’t know what the guy said, but I saw his sole.” He told the reporters that “you were more concerned than I was. I was watching your faces.”

“I’m pretty good at ducking, as most of you know,” Bush joked, adding quickly that “I’m talking about ducking your questions.”

Oh, someday it’ll be funny? Right? Right?

14 thoughts on “Attempted Presidential Assault With A Deadly Shoe

  1. I find Bush’s lax attitude of this matter quite funny. What he doesn’t realize is that probably every American has wanted to do the same thing at some point in time (maybe not exactly but you get the point). Sometimes I just want to shake that man so he can get it because he obviously has no clue.

  2. Well…First off, I think it’s f*@ked up that somebody had the umbrage to throw a shoe at the President and I’m equally surprised he didn’t end up getting jacked “don’t tase me bro” style. It looks like they actually went pretty easy on the guy. I would have liked to have seen a beat down, frankly, so people who may have similar free-speech performance-artist ideas about our Pres-elect don’t think it’s a safe bet to try to get at him. That’s my real concern here – Georg Bush is a f*@ktard, but he’s still President F*@ktard and while I think it’s fair game to talk sh!t about him, target practice of any sort is not ok.All that said, George Bush ducked the hell outta that shoe…like my man had been practicing for it. I was impressed.

  3. 1. George Bush is not his President.2. I want to take my shoe off and throw it at people who cut me off in traffic. I can understand why he would throw his shoe at the man he holds responsible for the violence surrounding him. 3. I think that shoe is just a taste of what Bush is going to encounter after he leaves office. Mark my words, that whole crew (Bush, Rice, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Powell) will be brought up for crimes against humanity. They might be able to move freely in the US, but they will risk arrest if they cross the borders. If you think it won’t happen, look where Pinochet ended up.

  4. dkan71: Actually, Maliki’s security people beat the shit out of the man. If you can find a complete tape you can actually hear him crying in the other room as he’s beaten.And he was imprisoned and Iraq isn’t exactly known for having a good due process system. He could languish in prison for years without a trial. Soooo … he is in a world of hurt for shoe throwing. Which is why you have some calling for his release. But the fact is he threw his shoes at a head of state in front of Iraq’s head of state, so he will probably be made into an example of some sort. If they let it him out it will be because Maliki wants him out.My main concern was that he was throwing shoes and near panic broke out because, seriously, they’re in Iraq. Anything could have happened to King Douchebag and as much as I hate Douchey, I didn’t want him to get taken out by a C4 laced shoe. Fortunately, it was just a “shoe-laced” shoe, so now it’s just embarrassing and rude.And now that guy is in an Iraqi prison getting the shit beat out of him for it.

  5. I’m bothered that ol’ boy had enough time to throw THE SECOND shoe before the Secret Service got in on the action. What if he had a gun? This doesn’t say much for what we should expect from them when it comes time to protect the brother. I haven’t been one to clutch my pearls and rock back and forth talking about how worried I am about the President-Elect’s safety, but seriously, if it took the SS that long to shuffle to Bush’s defense, what does that say about what we should expect of those charged with protecting Obama? I hope he’s stacking his detail with some folks who can move a bit faster.

  6. that was some quality secret service work at hand…and it looks like dubya’s reflexs are working pretty good…tii bad the shoe thrower missed his mark…i would’ve hoped atleast one of the shoes bapped dubya upside the head…

  7. i read today that the reporter is now hospitalized with a broken arm and some other injuries. bush deserved it though!and did you notice the guy next to him didn’t even appear to be bothered! LOL

  8. This incident was funny until I thought about the implications of what happened. This man threw his shoes at the president of the United States of America. Whether we like him or not, that is our president.Once I came to this realization, it wasn’t so funny any more.

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