Extreme Obama: Almost Wrecking Your Car Edition

Yet another story for the “When Obama Love Gets Kooky” file.

From Thursday’s Chicago Sun-Times:

As Obama’s motorcade made his way to a downtown news conference this morning, some drivers traveling north on Lake Shore Drive responded to the police escort by pulling over to the right until the parade of vehicles passed. Others kept moving.

One driver wanted to document the passing, and got to multi-tasking. Upon realizing that the president-elect was in the next lane, the female driver of a red Chevy blazer, appearing to to chat excitedly on her cell phone, sped up, snapped a picture, inadvertently changed lanes and nearly smashed into another car.

Must’ve been a supporter.

The story also mentioned that the woman, who was African American, was driving a car with an Alabama plate and an Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. vanity plate. Earlier this year the AKAs extended an honorary membership to future First Lady, Michelle Obama.

On one hand, totally understand home girl’s excitement. That’s the president-elect in the other lane! But on the other hand, girlfriend, show some self-control before you kill people on Lake Shore. Live to skee-wee another day!

10 thoughts on “Extreme Obama: Almost Wrecking Your Car Edition

  1. Snob, when I read that yesterday, it cracked me up. I dearly love my sorority sisters, but come on now! That’s *totally* not worth becoming an Ivy Beyond the Wall over.

  2. Wow she is worthy to become an AKA now that she is going to be first lady???Why not extend an offer of membership let’s say when she was on the yard at Princeton? Was she not worthy? Too brown for their liking; not “our Kind of People”Shallow…..

  3. @reasontogether. There was not an AKA chapter at Princeton when Michelle attended.In any case, undergraduates express their interest by attending a “rush” membership drive. Only, graduate students and professionals must be invited. FYI.

  4. Response to JJAII am very familiar with the sorority process; I pledged many years ago. I was just stating my opinion on AKA extending an invitation to Michelle now that she is worthy in their eyes to be a member of their organization.It is very unfortunate that groups like this continue the schism in our community; now that you have arrived, you can become a member. People are overlooked at their current “level” in life until they have made it.FYI

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