Barack Keeps It C-O-O-L

It only took Fred Armisen and SNL a year, but they finally did a Barack parody that made sense and was funny (I do enjoy 1960s Rat Pack vibes). This is largely because they finally gave (fake) Barack a personality other than have him play the foil or straight man to Amy Poehler’s Hillary Clinton and Darrell Hammond’s John McCain. I am interested to see where they will take this new, Lithium-like approach to Obama’s modus operandi.

It’s a vast improvement compared to their spoof of the second Obama v. Clinton debate where Armisen simply repeated back everything Darrell Hammond’s Tim Russert said as if Obama were incapable of independent thought. Parody is, after all, supposed to be rooted in some truth and I don’t know anyone who thinks Barack is a dullard. This spoof at least got at something that both fascinates and maddens people about Barack, his unflappability.

9 thoughts on “Barack Keeps It C-O-O-L

  1. Neither Obama or we will be cool after we are shadows ala Nagasaki. Hilliary will pull some backchannel Cheney nonsense like in Georgia and start a war over Kaliningrad and Poland.

  2. I think Armisen’s best Obama skit was the “variety show” he did with Michelle at , mainly because he didn’t portray Obama as exclusively serious and unsmiling like he does in most skits, he showed him joking around and laughing in that laid-back-but-slightly-nerdy style that we see all the time in speeches and interviews from the real Obama.

  3. If one is going to be be a snob about this let’s get it right. Leaving the hackneyed comments aside about finally having a good parody of Obama let’s instead focus on the ‘snobby’ aspects of the digital short’. True it’s a tip of the hat to Obama’s coolness under pressure but satire is also flattery. In this case a tip of the hat to his coolness. Obama evokes a period of ‘cool’ in its original sense: jazz reigned, in everywhere in the world other than America jazz musicians were seen as serious artists and most importantly they signified a type of near royalty. The names showed it, ‘Count’, ‘Duke’, etc. Ever since then white america has wanted to be ‘cool’, to emulate nearly all aspects of African American culture, (witness the famous ‘White Negro’ essay by Norman Mailer). And virtually every shot in the SNL video is taken from a Blue Note album cover (see In short, it is a testimony to a culture of excellence and higher values; Europeans and the Japanese recognized it 50 years ago, it’s time America did now too. Louis Armstron, Duke Ellington, Charlie Parker and Miles Davis are played around the world and recognized as some of the most significant artists of the 20th century. As the AACM said they created ‘Great Black Music’; it’s time for America to catch up and Obama will carry that message forward. One only look at the contents of his ipod to see this is his driving aesthetic. Obams is cool in all aspects, not just as an unflappable talking head at a press conference.

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