The Black Snob “Sloppy Seconds” Award Goes To …

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama have made history, but what about everyone else? You know? All those other politicians, business folk and entertainers who might have had the “BEST. YEAR. EVA!” if Obamamania hadn’t swept the world and Barack Obama hadn’t become the 44th president of the United States.

I’ve alluded to this in a previous post on Ebony Magazine naming Barack Obama person of the year (in their first ever “Person of the Year” cover story), but now I’ve decided that with so many media outlets celebrating Obama via DVD documentaries and cheap, tacky plates, perhaps The Black Snob should do something for those who reached for the stars and no one noticed.

Submit your nominees here or via e-mail and the winners of The Black Snob’s Sloppy Seconds Awards 2008 will be unveiled December 17.

PS. It’s almost time for the Ed Bradley Award for Journalistic Hotness! Named for my immortal beloved, Ed Bradley of “60 Minutes” who was the perfect blend of insanely good journalist and sexy, the award is meant for TV journalists who make your toes curl involuntarily in delight.

As you may recall, earlier this year CNN’s newst asthma sufferer TJ Holmes was crowned king. He’s my Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup of the TV News, you know? And I love him. (Although, my cheating heart has me secretly lusting his competition at CNN, Chris Lawrence.) This year I will be awarding both a male and female winners based on their looks and talents including teleprompter reading skills, charm and smarts. Start thinking of the TV talkers of your desire RIGHT NOW. If you need a refresher on who made the cut before, click here.

8 thoughts on “The Black Snob “Sloppy Seconds” Award Goes To …

  1. I dunno, Snob, I don’t think anyone should take the crown from TJ. I mean, the fact so many women (and quite a few men) melt at the mere sight of him has to count for something. What’s TJ without his legions of swooning fans?As the girls… I think Lola Ogunnaike is impossibly flyy, and I have to represent my Howard people and put in a vote for Fredricka Whitfield.Oh, and Rob Marciano is super hot for a weather guy.(I also realize my list is very CNN-heavy, but shoot… they have the hottest anchors.)

  2. Hi Snob,And my nominees are:Richelle Carey – CNN Headline NewsHarris Faulkner – FoxMonica Bertran – Bloomberg TVMichelle Miller – CBSZain Verjee – CNN

  3. duck: It is true. TJ has an insane fan base. I still don’t know why Anderson Cooper is supposed to be the shizz when TJ is all butterscotch goodness, but, you know, whatever. Andy has his own show and the connections. TJ’s still the prettiest.My only deal with my fair TJ is that they really don’t have he do much, whereas Ed Bradley covered any and everything, including getting himself blown up in Vietnam. I mean, no one can ever replace Ed so it’s unlikely that I’m going to find another brother who is that perfect combo of serious journalism and “damn he fine!“That said, all networks hire pretty people, but CNN hires an insane amount of good looking men. Even if TJ wasn’t there (but thank goodness he is) you still have Don Lemon, Anderson Cooper, Chris Lawrence, Rob Marciano, The Riggle Sanchez and even Tony is kind of cute in a cuddly, goofy kind of way. A matter of fact the only CNN male anchors I find unattractive are the Wolfman Blitzer and crazy-ass Lou Dobbs. John Roberts isn’t really cute, but compared to Lou and Wolf he’s fucking Brad Pitt. And, hell, compared to Lou, Wolf is George Clooney.ActsOfFaith and Anonymous 9:15 a.m.: While I am technically too classy for Chocolate News I am not too classy to pass on a check. Besides. I might be able to fix it. Do I get to fire David Alan Grier and replace him with either Aisha Tyler or Wanda Sykes?

  4. Person of the year #2:This is a toughie in a year of a crushing economic debacle, political fallout, and international strife. I could be lazy and just post up Bill Gates for his humanitarian work, etc.Good looking female journalist?Again, I am going to be lazy. I don’t watch too much t.v. I tend to get my news from papers. I am going to go with CNBC’s Maria Barteromo and Sharon Epherson.Why?These are the only two names that I can remember right now.

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