Hoax stories irritate the crap out of me. Stupid Internet.

Oh well. It appears a hoaxer in the form of the Daily Mail in our midst and the ridiculously huge ring rumor has proved once again that the dear internet was not to be believed, ruining my perfectly funny post on it! Sigh. But, my comments on Jay-Z rhyming Rodium with things and Kobe Bryant’s unfortunate ring present stand. Normally I wait a couple seconds to write about items that could be fake, re: the $30,000 ring, but I had SUCH GOOD JOKES! I couldn’t resist. I like making fun of things! (But you all already knew that.) Moving on …

10 thoughts on “Hoax stories irritate the crap out of me. Stupid Internet.

  1. your comedic brilliance made the whole thing worth wile. as controversial as it would have been i like the idea behind it. maybe he'll help save detroit & buy her a hybrid escalade or something instead 🙂

  2. Hi Snob and company,I know it’s a hoax, but if he had bought the ring for her, I wouldn’t be mad at the brotha.I have personally experienced a grueling campaign season with my husband and unless you have been through such a process you wouldn’t understand.Now my honey didn’t get me 30k ring, but I did get a 30k “whip”, of course he enjoys it too, but it was something we needed and it was his way of saying thanks for going through this tough race with me.Just a thought…

  3. hmm i think it looks like a man’s ring. i mean as a hoax what are they trying to say? that he is wasting money now? that diamonds are cool? i mean come on… maybe this is a diamond pitch like that mcdonald’s commercial. by the way that is a nice picture of lenny on the wall of sexy. i’m not even feeling him like that but yea he looks good over there. second note t.j. is hot i ran across your page while i was looking him up. after i met marc lamont hill i was like who else am i missing out on. lol take care

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