HOAX! “Honey, Thanks For Putting Up With the Me Non-Stop Running For Things!”

Update: It’s a hoax. Never mind! Please enjoy the jokes in my hoax story. I worked so hard at them!

They call Michelle Obama “the rock” of the Obama household. Now, if the internet is to be believed, she can finally wear Gibraltar on her finger.

A spokesman for top Italian designer Giovanni Bosco has confirmed that President-Elect Barack Obama is looking to purchase a $30,000 Harmony ring made of rhodium and encrusted with diamonds as a thank you gift to his wife Michelle. We expect the future First Lady to receive the ring in time for her husband’s January inauguration ceremony. The gift is a thank you for her support throughout the last two years of campaigning.

One of the world’s rarest and most precious metals, only about 25 tons of rhodium are mined each year, setting the price at over $7,660 per ounce — or about ten times the cost of gold. (Luxist)

1) There is a level of precious metal higher than platinum? Does Jay-Z know about this? Or is it too hard to rhyme “rhodium” with something? What am I saying? It’s easy! I’m so rich I be rockin’ rhodiums the size of podiums! At more than seven grand an ounce, its got ’em amazed like Opium!

2) This is also how a wife likes to get nice jewelry. Gifts out of goodness and joy. Not like how Kobe Bryant bought his wife that ring after he got busted with a rape charge. I mean, you get a ring, but … it’s nicer when it’s because you’re the most awesome spouse ever and you’re loved by him and not because your hubby can’t keep it in the pants.

Gorgeous hunks of precious metal aside, it’s kind of sad that this ridiculous hunk of metal couldn’t be a surprise for Mrs. O, but when you’re president your business becomes America’s business. You know that the ring maker couldn’t wait to tell everybody and their grandma and us poor folks can’t even buy what they’re selling. They just wanted the publicity. That’s just how it is.

That said, this news will not help the unfortunate husbands who get the side eye from their wives every time Barack looks at Michelle in an especially revering fashion on television. Getting poked, nudged and in rare cases, catching a bunny slipper to the head, when she opines how you don’t look at her like that in public. Why don’t you want the world to know you love her as much as Barack loves Michelle? Why, dammit? Why!

16 thoughts on “HOAX! “Honey, Thanks For Putting Up With the Me Non-Stop Running For Things!”

  1. That settles it….Prez O needs to clone himself about 10000x over so I can get me one! I am so in love with them as a couple and a representation for “normal” black relationships and marriages! *sighs*

  2. Aww this too cute. That man loves his wife for sure. I hope with time and experience they will find ways of keeping stuff that needs to be personal, well, personal. Michelle may adore her ring but it kinda takes away some of the magic when the entire world knows about it too, BEFORE you even got it. I know businesses have to get their hustle on but still I say shame on this jeweller for cashing in so quickly and crudely. If I had that kind of money, I would actually make sure I do not put any business their way. C’mon! They could have waited at least until she got the gift and WORE it.Rant over:-D

  3. LOL! at your comments about Kobe Bryant and co. Yeah, that is SO not the way to acquire jewellery. Even if it’s worth a million bucks. Does Jay-Z know what rhodium is? Well he does now! Expect to hear it on his next track..

  4. i love the rhyme skills 🙂 of course, as cute as this is, i do have to bring to light that more than 80 of rhodium is mined in South Africa, i’m sure under not so favorable conditions for the workers. i hope that research was done as to the origin of the ring. i wouldn’t want a beautiful gift to turn into an international PR mess.

  5. i just love this story. the obamas are the standard for that GOOD love, not just black love. THAT’S how you handle business. boys, take note and step your game up. maybe you can’t do rhodium, but you can surely get your sterling silver on.you ALREADY know jay will incorporate this in the next 16 bars he spits. it’s good to be an american right now. 🙂

  6. She deserves it and more. She compliments him in a very nice way. She’s secure, intelligent, attractive and appears genuine and nice. Im glad he’s showing his love in this manner, but too many will come out now with disdain in their words and voices and complain about him spending money…oops thats money he already had.

  7. Let’s hope Jay-Z doesn’t swipe your rhyme without giving your proper credit.I’m all for blinging out your loved ones but to spend 30k on a ring is crazy. I’m sure someone out there will be all over this saying that Obama could have donated that money to a charity or something. But I don’t care. Let him handle his business. A good woman is hard to find and when you have one you best shower her with all that you can afford.

  8. I have to disagree with every comment here. 🙂 It looks as if the story may not be true, but if it is, it seems like a huge PR mistake. $30,000? for a ring?! People are losing jobs, retirement savings, etc. Big big mistake b/c, if true, it reframes Obama as a rich person out of touch with your regular, average person.

  9. I echo everyone else’s comments about them being a good couple… but I’m not buying it. 30K in times like this? I’m sure it’s his money and all, but just think of what all the conservatives would say… and talk about bad timing. I think he’s much more intelligent and more discreet than that. I’m not saying that Michelle doesn’t deserve it, because she does, but take a minute to think. This story reeks. Check around online and you’ll see a bunch of people either accepting, doubtful or angry as hell.

  10. Truthfully, I was scratching my head on that one. If the story is a fake, it’s probably for the better. I mean, isn’t Sarah Palin still walking around with a cheap wedding band that her husband bought for her years ago? In these hard times, buying a $30,000 rock for wifey doesn’t sound good for Obama.

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