Barack, Michelle and Barbara!

6 thoughts on “Barack, Michelle and Barbara!

  1. I’m loving the black and white polka dots on Miss Michelle. She looks amazing.They just look so gosh darn good together.Malia and Sasha needs to start a petition and throw some tantrums to get a little baby brother under the roof. Or something.

  2. They are a great couple but enough with all the calls for the “patter of tiny feet in the white house” please! The lady is 44yrs old and has a lot on her plate why should she want to have more kids? Besides, pregnancy is harder/riskier for older moms not to mention there is an increased risk of things like Downs syndrome, etc. She has 2 healthy beautiful girls, I have no doubt she and Barack are thankful and satisfied with their lot; why can’t others be?Or do folks need proof thay are having sex?????PS- fab dress there.

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