More of the Obamas at the Food Bank/Catholic School!

Best part, you can see BOTH Obama daughters in these shots. No more random dude obscuring her little, shorty-short self from view. The photos are by The Associated Press and feature the Obama family’s visit to a Chicago food pantry and Catholic school Wednesday. Hope everyone is enjoying Thanksgiving. All five Snobs of the Snob family are together (even the infamous Baby Snob!) trading stories and stuffing our faces.

I love the shots of Barack and family in the Catholic school. Those kiddies were stoked to see the president-elect. Can’t really blame them. One of my grandpa’s most cherished photos is of one taken with him and former President Jimmy Carter. President Carter had come to Arkansas to fish and my grandpa worked for a family who knew the Carter family. I don’t know how he felt about Carter pre-photo, but out of all the photos my grandpa ever took the one with Carter is one of the rare shots of him smiling.

The majority of us will never meet the president, or any president, so … GO NUTS, KIDDIES!

17 thoughts on “More of the Obamas at the Food Bank/Catholic School!

  1. The Obama’s are a beautiful family, Im assuming everybody else is busy with family!Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  2. Great photos. With their knit caps and winter coats, the Obamas look like ordinary folks. They’re raising their kids to be stable and productive people. BTW, when Carter went on a fishing trip as president, his rowboat was attacked by a “killer rabbit.” It was the most bizarre and funny story, and someone actually took a photo of the rabbit attacking Carter, who tried to bash it with a paddle. It was a popular tale and more jokes were made about Carter. Maybe your grandfather was around at the time of the incident.

  3. Thanks, Faith, I finally got to see the entire interview. They’re an absolutely charming couple. I cracked up when Obama pointed out the lipstick on Michelle’s teeth. That’s so like me. The only downside was Walters, who remembers me of a nosey, patronizing Aunt. She used to be annoyingly sycophantic. Now she just seems tired and not happy about interviewing people.

  4. I agree, Draven. They aren’t dressed for photo ops, they don’t care who’s looking and who’s tallying up the price of their attire.Had it been the McCain’s they’d have spent an entire week looking for just the right color matching winter fits to wear. There isn’t one pretentious bone in their bodies.

  5. Ha! I’ve met Jimmy Carter myself. His grandchildren attended Jason and Sarah attended the same public schools that I did in Evanston, Ill, and he came to visit on more than one occasion. I’ve had a soft spot for JC ever since.

  6. OOOOH PLLLLEASE, give me a break !!!! Lets see if he will be doing this next week. Hey Dude, go to DC and start running this country!!!!

  7. @BedlamHunny he has been doing this for the past 4 years. Also, he is not president UNTIL JAN 20. I don’t know if you are American or not, but we have ONE president at a time. DUH!!! Get educated.

  8. ALso, Barack cannot fix this country by himself the AMERICAN PEOPLE need to do their part!! Get off your a** and work!!

  9. @ Anonymous who was talking to BEDLAM……what your point!!!!! you dont like BEDLAMS post, is that it? you got offended because BEDLAM didn’t do monkey flips over this post, is that it!!!! Decons help…(4 Years) ha, ha, ha. Anonymous BEDLAM has been doing this for almost 25 years,(and BEDLAM does it more then ONCE A YEAR SO CAMERAS CAN MAKE A BIG DEAL OF IT) BEDLAM WAS AND ALWAYS WILL BE AND YOU REMEMBER THAT!!!!! BEDLAM has feed people all over the world, BEDLAM has been feeding people while being shot at in some nations, not that it matters to you. DING DONG!!!! you get it. BEDLAM passed out 30 you here 30 grocery basket to families in November, STOP!!!! (thanks to all the sponsors and those that donated this years, please submit you named for next year by the end of June 09) resume…. So dont bring your defected phenylketonuria thinking to me with your DUH, DUH, DUH. BEDLAM will brief Obama once every three week when he gets in office, part of the work BEDLAM does, so you get your whatever educated before you call your ANONYMOUS self crossing BEDLAM. ANONYMOUS

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