When Usher Impersonators Hawk McNuggets

I can’t decide if he’s parodying anyone specific or simply doing a parody of a parody of a parody about fast food and R&B music videos. McDonald’s tends to make amazingly dumb commercials when they are geared towards African Americans (remember “Calvin” getting a job at McDonald’s, as later parodied by Dave Chappelle? Or a then unknown Tyrese Gibson singing on a bus? Oops. That was Coca Cola. Or that horrible little kid with the boombox in the “Cha Cha Slide” commercial about the apple dippers? Or anything involving rapping?) This commercial is amazingly cornball, but it’s in that catagory of “corny things I love” right now. It didn’t make me want to buy any nuggets, but I did find the words “McNugget lovin'” have officially entered my lexicon. Way to go, Madison Avenue!

18 thoughts on “When Usher Impersonators Hawk McNuggets

  1. That commercial is awful. I’ve been putting off writing the CEO’s of both Coca cola, McDonald’s, and Tide. A lot of companies have special commercials geared towards the black community, usually involving singing, dancing, rapping, and other silly stereotypes. It’s a bit insulting.

  2. While I don’t eat at McDo, they hit more than they miss with their “ethnic ads.” My experience with them is via print pubs like Essence and BE where they tend to be aspirational. There’s also often mention of scholarship/internship opps in dedicated adverts that don’t only magically appear out of the ether each February.The idea is to stick to aspiration: we ALL have those. No need to pander cuz then it flops. …although I do admit to kinda sorta smiling at the “don’t be stin-ja-a-a-a-y” at the end. I know. Shame.

  3. I was ready to write this off as yet another corny Mickey D’s commercial until it became clear that the guy was actually singing/begging for chicken. Ridiculous. I know we’re not supposed to care about things like this anymore since we’re living in this new post-racial society. But man, Madison Ave should have gotten the memo long ago, that African Americans don’t take too kindly to seeing their own sing and dance in the name of chicken…or any fast food for that matter. By the way, I believe that was a Coke commercial where Tyrese appeared on the bus.

  4. More fat-ladden artery clogging food courtesy of the golden arches. McDonald’s should be ashamed of itself. I see too many it’s commericals targeting African-Americans. Just a campaign to “kill” our community.

  5. I’m glad Mickey D puts black people in its commercials. Nevertheless, these mad men still do some major pandering. I would imagine there’s not much ethnic diversity on the teams that create the commericals. So you get this stuff.

  6. That Tyrese signing on a bus commercial was for Coca Cola. I loved that commercial cuz he was unknown but singing his arse off!And I think one of the worst McDonald’s commercials has got to be the one when the black lady comes home, leaves a bad of mcdonalds on the table and the smell wafting from the bag causes her African figurines and statues to start dancing to magical drum music. WTF?

  7. the worse Mickey D’s commercial were the cartoon black women characters commenting on their apple and walnut salad with the matching neck rolling and the “Uh huh, girl” to boot.this commercial is rather tame compared to most of the ones i see on TVOne or when Soul Train airs.

  8. I stand corrected! All “urban” geared commercials start to blur together for me after awhile. But whomever mentioned the “girlfriend” apple salad one — yeah. That one was horrendous. I don’t know why they have to make us all extras from “The Parkers.” Like the “Cha-Cha Slide” commercial. I wanted to put my fist through the TV over that one. I can’t believe I forgot to mention it.

  9. I know you’ve been Dippin on me guuurll…I don’t know if I’m more upset about the commercial or myself for laughing when I should be insulted.It’s like watching Nick Cannon hawking BET!!

  10. None ya’ll seen my Capitol One commercial.Black fam on vacation somewhere, and all of a sudden various KKK, skinheads and dirty redneck racist guys come out and chase them.What’s in your wallet?Needless to say the people at Capitol One passed on this one…

  11. I think that this commercial is funny.And I liked that kid in the Cha Cha thing.Can you go down low? How low can you go?We don’t have to be so serious all the time…

  12. That is funny because I thought that he was copying Ne-Yo. I don’t like either Usher or Ne-Yo. Usher for the comment about blacks needing to focus on sports and entertainment. Ne-Yo for the comment on having slept with all of his classmates.

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