Details Magazine Takes a Left, Gives Obama’s Secret Service Agent Top Spot on “Power 40” Ranking

What is it with folks and their fascination with Obama’s high target status?

From Esquire’s press release:

DETAILS is releasing our DETAILS Power List- the 40 Most Influential Men in the World. Who’s #1? Obama’s Secret Service Agent claims the #1 spot on the DETAILS Power List, who, according to DETAILS, is the only thing standing between the free world and a catastrophe. Yes, it’s amazing to witness the historic, anything-can-happen triumph of Barack Obama, but “anything can happen” is precisely what we need to be worried about. As America’s first black president-elect, explains DETAILS, Obama is a walking provocation to racists everywhere.

I know Details just wants to be “different” from the other magazines, like Esquire and GQ who have been French kissing hope to sling copies ever since he announced his candidacy, but giving the Secret Service props because Barack Obama is such a huge target both politically and symbolically is kind of lame.

It’s also a wee morose while at the same time saying that all American presidents relatively meaningless assassination-wise until Obama. One could argue that being the leader of the wealthiest nation with the most expensive and technologically advanced military AND having oodles of influence at home and abroad already makes you a walking target for fear and loathing. Blackness is merely an added “wow” factor.

While Obama freaks out the racists something plentiful, of the presidents who have either been assassinated or survived the attempts there was an extremely high number of rogue nutjobs. President McKinley was shot by an anarchist. President Ronald Reagan was shot by a deranged Jodie Foster/Taxi Driver stalker/fan. While, the wackadoodle number is up with Obama, every president has to deal with it. I don’t think the Secret Service deserves any extra points for getting a black guy this time.

Here’s some from the actual article:

Let’s face it: The audacity of hope is about to be tested by the tenacity of fear. Yes, it’s amazing to witness the historic, anything-can-happen triumph of Barack Obama’s 21st-century march on Washington, but if you’re old enough to remember the black-and-white flicker of mid-20th-century TV footage you know that the concept “anything can happen” is precisely what we need to be worried about. As America’s first black president-elect, Obama is a walking provocation to racists everywhere. Maybe for a while you had faith that the country was past all that—but then you heard those voices from the rabid mob barking “Kill him!” at Sarah Palin’s and John McCain’s rallies, and instantly the ghosts of JFK and RFK and MLK and Malcolm X began to float on the horizon. “Some idiot out there’s going to put a bullet in that silver-tongued devil and then there’ll be a race war,” Thomas Stevenson, an Atlanta carpenter, told the Roswell Beacon in late May—which inspired an illustration featuring Obama in the crosshairs of a rifle. And it wasn’t just “real Americans” like Tom the Carpenter who provided revealing blurts from the collective subconscious. Doris Lessing, the Nobel laureate, mused to a Swedish newspaper, “Obama would certainly not last long, a black man in the position of president. They would murder him.” All of which means that a tremendous burden rests on the blue line of Barack Obama’s security detail.

FYI: Don’t take this list super seriously. It’s the end of the year and every magazine will be slapping together these sorts of rankings and Details, Vanity Fair, Esquire, Vogue, et al, have to do their darnedest to write something that will get some buzz. Along with anonymous secret service guy, Details adds the following to their purposely unconventional list: “The National Enquirer Reporter,” all Palin’s men (husband, sons and the guy who knocked her daughter up), singer John Mayer (for being a “press whore.” Their words. Not mine), Lil Wayne, Guns N’ Roses long-delayed released “Chinese Democracy,” Thomas Beatie, the “Pregnant Man” who isn’t a man, and a bunch of other folks who make no sense.

11 thoughts on “Details Magazine Takes a Left, Gives Obama’s Secret Service Agent Top Spot on “Power 40” Ranking

  1. The sad thing is that it only takes one crazy schmo (e.g., Oswald, Ray, Booth, Sirhan Sirhan), at the right place and time, to end the life of a prominent leader and change the course of history. A legion of Secret Service agents couldn’t protect against that. I hope Obama stops with the crowd handshakes and stays in the White House. It’s not being a coward, only prudent.

  2. Not a chance, Draven. I’m watching the Barbara Walters interview now and Obama is talking about opening up the White House D.C. area kids and even keeping his blackberry.Speaking of the interview, Barbara Walters brought up the statement made by Prime Minister Tony Blair’s wife which said Michelle Obama will have to learn to take a back seat. I’ve heard other people say this also…How Michelle will cut Barack off while he’s talking. Even now while I’m watching the interview she’s cutting him off. I think it’s kinda cute, but I know some who are annoyed by it.What do you all think?…Possible thread?

  3. Anonymous @9:57, I forgot to record the interview but I caught some of it on Huffpost. Michelle is a strong woman and this may turn off some people. However, I like it and I think Obama has the intellect and ego to handle her. She would make mincemeat out of mere mortals like myself. But that’s okay, there’s somebody for everyone in this world. I’m glad for them because it ain’t easy finding the right mix.

  4. Hello there!I think it was COMPLETELY disrespectful for Michelle to interrupt her husband when he was talking during the “60 Minutes” interview! The ONLY time any woman (or man) should interrupt a spouse who is talking is if that person misspeaks…mentions a fact incorrectly that could wind up being on the front page.In THAT case, it’s fine to interrupt and say, “excuse me honey, you mean to say 3 million not 300,000” and smile and then back off!Michelle should NOT open her mouth until she is being spoken to. Her husband is the President and on camera, she’s acting like she’s at the family reunion!She needs to make some adjustments. It’s not about Michelle turning into a smiling trophy wife, but it’s about Michelle learning HOW to conduct herself with the POTUS and knowing that in the bedroom, he’s Barack and in public, she is with the POTUS who happens to be her husband.

  5. Thanks, girlfriend. Did you hear that black, white and women of color? Stop interrupting us guys when we’re speaking. And don’t open your mouth until you’re spoken to. Got it? We men are sick and tired of the crap we’re forced to take from you (rhymes with witches). In the bedroom, you can take charge, but on the outside, we’re the boss? Are you okay with that? Good, I don’t want to school you again about this. Peace out.

  6. Professional: There’s nothing wrong with the article per say, my point was that the list was a tad lame considering the Secret Service has always been about protecting the president and the president has always been a target of nutjobs and assassins. I didn’t think that merited any sort of ranking. Their power comes from the person they’re protecting … who is, in fact, the true powerful person. They have to be willing to take a bullet. He’ll have the nuclear launch codes. In my book, that makes Obama the only true person of power in this situation.But it’s just a year-end list. The point is to get people talking and by making the Secret Service no. 1 is one way of doing it.

  7. I don’t think Michelle needs to lean back on anything and she should not be required to change who she is. To the person who is basically saying women should speak when spoken to, why not follow your own advice on this one. Their marriage has been getting along well without your help all of these years, and if Barack was bothered I’m sure he would address it. It’s not your place to be bothered about the dynamics of their marriage on camera or off.

  8. I know everyone knows this, but for the record, I was joking with regard to Michelle interrupting her husband, etc. I was lampooning an earlier post. Peace always

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