Final Weekend Open Thread With Glitter And Chuckles

Glitter and Chuckles want to know what was big this week and want to tell you that no matter what you thought of Snob’s two week vacation you love them. For reals. You enjoyed them babysitting the site for her. You love them. They swear, you do. You are going to miss seeing their beautiful selves every day when you wake up looking all “Touch My Body” and “We Belong Together.” You’re going to miss it!

“Admit it,” Glitter shouts, “ADMIT IT, YOU LOVE ME!!!!! I mean US. You love US!”


“Who you wanna see when the page loads up! Then you click on our pictures, you can’t get enough! You love my half-shirts and my booty short-shorts! Nick’s abs are fire! We and-Black-Snob-Readers BELONG TOO-GEEEETHEEEEER!”


19 thoughts on “Final Weekend Open Thread With Glitter And Chuckles

  1. “You enjoyed them babysitting the site for her.” Um, not so much.Thank the Goddess it’s over.I almost sprained my finger trying to scroll past all that..mess.

  2. I’m very old school and hardly know today’s celebrities. But it’s been my guilty pleasure to pine over Mariah’s pictures. That’s one hot tamale. Sorry to say this–I do envy Nicky.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Big Story of the Week: Obama being called a “House Negro” by Al Queda (yea it’s me with this again). I can’t wait to hear what people think about this. For some reason I was very tickled by it and I can’t understand why…I mean…nothing’s really funny about it. But I can’t wait to hear your thoughts, Snob.Nick and Mariah…I really am happy for them. It’s hard for people to find love these days. Especially Black women, and that includes biracial women (case and point: Halle Berry). So, kudos to them, but more importantly, Good Riddance!!! Next time, can someone cool babysit the blog?

  4. Forgot to give this week’s big story. To me, it’s Congress letting Leiberman off the hook. Personally, I would have given him a cigarette and blindfold, in front of a firing squad. Obama’s Cool Hand Luke because he put the country’s interest ahead of vengeance. Still, allowing Lieberman to keep his posts is still a gamble given that he’s gone rogue. Once a dog bites you, he’s liable to do it again. Watch your back, Obama.

  5. Okay Draven 7’s comment at 8:39 cracked me up. Field Negro wrote a post about the “House Negro” comment and broke it down. Glitter seems happy but she really needs to stop dressing like she’s 8 instead of 38.

  6. chas says:

    I find “Glitter” and “Chuckles” as believable as I do Beyonce and JayZ.In the interest of decency, I’ll not write what would have once followed.

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