Open Thread: Can a 10-year-old Be A Trendsetter Or When Are You Too Old To Wear A Half Top?

Topic starters: The Wall Street Journal’s fashion blog thinks little Malia Obama could be junior fashionista, but can you be that at ten when your mom is still picking out the majority of your clothes? And how can one that young set trends when they don’t work for Disney?

Or, Glitter is obsessed with half-tops, mini skirts and short-shorts and Glitter still has a flat stomach (kinda), so, no big if she wants to wear them, but … when are you “too old” for the half top? I know Mimi thinks she’s forever young, but that’s not really how aging works.

20 thoughts on “Open Thread: Can a 10-year-old Be A Trendsetter Or When Are You Too Old To Wear A Half Top?

  1. I know that I’m too old for them an I’m 28 and my stomach’s flatter, as for Glitter…who’s to say

  2. You have know your body is appropriate for the fashion. So it not just about age. As for Glitter/Mariah, she’s in a league to herself. I can envision explaining to my kids in 10 years why the lady on tv is really 48 but dresses like she’s 18 (actually most 18 years don’t dress like that).

  3. I don’t know if Glitter’s fashion crime is the half-top in and of itself, as it does still kinda fit her and all. The things that mess her up are:1. She wears them all.the.time. It’s not sexy when we’ve all seen it 132133 times. Overexposure.2. Are midriff-baring tops even in style anymore? Methinks not. I work with 18 year olds and I haven’t seen a purposely bare midriff around these parts in YEARS. Old-lady-trying-to-be-hip-syndrome.3. She always seems to pair them with booty shorts and miniskirts and stilettos and glittery butterfly isht. I always feel like her “casual” outfits were designed by 6 year old Bratz aficionados. And yeah, I don’t know about crowning a fifth grader queen of fashion (who needs that pressure??) but hey, if we can move kiddie fashion back away from Mariah style, I’m down.

  4. As for Malia I would say sure since Michelle has good taste and picks out her clothes. Mariah is in good shape and I’ve gotten used to her resistance to aging so if she wants to dress like that fine… but I don’t think its age appropriate. Maybe it hasn’t occurred to her that people might actually respect her more if she acts her age rather than fighting the inevitable.

  5. It’s a question of whether she wants respect or whether she simply has an artist’s aesthetic compulsion to dress a certain way and damn the consequences. More power to her, but it would be more admirable if her aesthetic wasn’t that my pretty barbie pony traveling pants look. On the other hand, older women don’t get much respect no matter how they dress, so why not have fun?

  6. Thank you for finally addressing glitter’s issue with being stuck in the late 90’s as far as the mini skirts and half tops…As much as I love Mimi she needs to take a note from Lisa Raye who is 40+ and keeps it poppin and not in a middle aged woman kind of way. I hope they do not over-scruntize the baby Obamas. They are beautiful anmd spirited girls who are as normal as can be under the circumstances.

  7. I began to dress a little different (sometimes setting/helping set trends, although I don’t know if I’d go as far as to say that I was a “trendsetter”) at a pretty young age, maybe around Malia’s age. But then again, I was pretty much given free reign over what clothes I could get, and how I would wear them. Since Malia’s fashion choices and everything else, are an extension of the Barack Obama public perception, I doubt that the same can be said for Malia. She IS a beautiful girl, and dresses well, but for the aforementioned reasons, I’ll have to say that she should not yet be called a “fashionista”.As for Mariah and her miniscule shirts, I second miss kate.

  8. Glitter’s clothing choices reflect her mindset. One might call it juvenile but she’s never been the most mature sista out there so I don’t even expect her to realize that she’s pushing 40 and still dresses like she did 20 years ago. As for Malia, she is too young for the fashionista title but I’d welcome any relief from the ditsy Disney girls monopoly on tween fashion.

  9. Malia is definitely too young to be considered a Trendsetter! I hope that they (Obamas) do their best to shield the girls from the media.As for Ms. M., (sighs)…. I agree w/you bougiebroad, it would definitely help her to take notes from LisaRaye. Certainly, all other comments on here re: Ms. Mimi do apply to her current fashion/mind state.

  10. Mariah makes me go schwing! I can’t criticize her. I love the Desperate Housewife thing she’s got going. But I wouldn’t want my wife dressing up like that. That’s way too much flesh exposure. For a main squeeze, I wouldn’t mind my woman in a pair of tight booty shorts. On Malia, I haven’t seen her dress inappropriately. When I go into supermarkets sometimes, I see very young girls provocatively dressed, standing next to their parents. I don’t have kids and I certainly wouldn’t allow them to dress up this way if I did.

  11. Can Malia and Sasha be fashionistas if their mom picks out their clothes?Yes.Is Mariah too old to wear half-tops?Only if Palin’s youngest daughter is too young to wear heels (Piper Palin wore heels on an national broadcast).Mariah looks like a new-aged Charo in some of those pictures!Coochy Coochy Coo!

  12. New age CHARO!!! I love it!Mariah needs to let the half tops go…they weren't cute back when she first came out and wore them in FLANNEL *Siobhan shudders* and they aren't cute now. THE 90'S ARE OVER!Malia is put together very well (I suspect collusion and agreement between M&M is involved instead of Big M just picking out clothes) but 10 is far too young to be a fashionista.

  13. That Charo reference was a good one. That’s just who Mariah reminds me of. In a few more years, after she gets collagen for the lips and botox for the wrinkles, Mariah will definitely look like the Cuchi-Cuchi lady.

  14. BTW, MediaTakeOut, that oh so respectable site is claiming that Glitter is pregnant, so maybe the bare midriff tops will go away at least for now….or Mariah could take it to a whole other level.

  15. Once you come back from your break, will you promise not to write another Mariah Carey post for the next 6 months? Please?And yes, Malia will be a trendsetter. Both her and Sasha's dresses from Election Night have been best-sellers. Something hit me, and this is on a serious tip. Barack Obama is the first CELEBRITY President. I don't mean that in a bad way. I just mean it in a factual way. He's the first President of the Modern Celebrity Culture that we live in today. To be honest, that realization frightened me. I mean, look at the magazine racks. Obama isn't just on magazines like Time and Newsweek, the Obamas, or some combination of them are on People, US, Life & Style, OK, The Star. Look at that list. Within days of the election, what did we hear about the WeeMichelles? Some offer from Hanna Montana? I mean, from Disney to CNN, and Access Hollywood, there is the interest in the Obamas. I know I contribute to it, because I buy the magazines, but I can't admit I'm not disturbed about it. Especially where the weeMichelles are concerned.

  16. Mariah tries to hard and looks ridiculous. From the weave to the plastic surgery to the fake tan it’s just too much. Yes as the first Black First Children they will be trend setters.

  17. can the obama girls be fashionistas if mom is picking out their clothes? no. as a matter of fact, you can’t be a fashionista in my book unless you have a job and you are buying your own clothes.when is it too old for midriffs? after 25. i figure that your late teens and early twenties are enough time to get that out of your system. by 26, you need to switch your game up.

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