Open Thread: Your Dream Inaugural Dress for Michelle or Nick and Mariah’s Tattoos

Starter topic: Name a designer or post a link to a picture of your dream dress for Michelle Obama come the night of the Inaugural ball OR discuss whether or not Nick and Mariah will ever come to regret those tattoos they got, especially Nick, since his is HUGE and across his back like Glitter McSparkles used a giant labeler to claim him as hers and hers alone.

29 thoughts on “Open Thread: Your Dream Inaugural Dress for Michelle or Nick and Mariah’s Tattoos

  1. Actually Nick Cannon will most definitely regret his tatoo. But Mariah will not. The first thing I thought when I saw Mariah’s tatoo was that she was very smart in her design. All you need is a little ink and it will simply look like any other butterfly tramp stamp. You know that’s what they call the ones on the lower back, right? LOL!

  2. Choice topic: Obama dressChoice location: Shrimpton CoutureReason: Every girl needs vintage. Now, I'm about to share my fav shopping spot with y'all but since it's the designer dress section, I'm feeling kinda open. Here's 3 choices: 1. Knee-length beaded copper dress Red knee-length *Bob Mackie* Long *Elinor Gay* dress last one is the safest but the copper one would rock socks…if it's not going to be too tight. Both 2 & 3 have an open measurement for the hips 'cuz Salon mag did us the favour of reminding us all that Michelle's got a badonkadonk. Uhh, thanks.

  3. Whatever Michelle chooses, it’s going to be fly. But I hope she stays away from the prints, and lets it be body skimming… no need to hide the spectacular curves… As for the tats… my. Oh. My. Glitter McSparkles? Mwaaaah!

  4. Nick knows he’s openly challenging the gods to curse him. Wearing that tattoo is like standing in the middle of a thunderstorm with a long metal pole and saying, “Come and get me, I dare ya!” BTW, that’s a nice booty shot of Mariah. Regarding Michelle, if she spends a lot of money on her dress, I can hear the boo birds calling her an elitist.

  5. Anonymous @ 10:55, what makes you think you’re so special? You must drink the Kool-Aid with the rest of us. You can’t escape Snobtown!

  6. I thought these two were amusing for a few days but after this post they make me sick…I can’t wait for this to end!Michelle will look great in whatever. I just can’t wait for Obama to get sworn in, period.

  7. What’s sad is that I remember watching some summer MTV show that Nick happened to be on, and the subject of tattoos came up. He said he didn’t believe in ‘marking up his body’, or something like that. Those beliefs got kicked to the curb real quick when Miss Glitter came around……. 😉

  8. Re: Nick and Mariah’s tattoos, I second the conventional wisdom that Nick’s is “a lifetime of regret waiting to happen”, while Mariah’s is a much more practical and easily modified tramp stamp. You can tell she was thinking ahead with that design.

  9. Yes, Isonprize, Mackie was Burnett’s costume designer. Are you suggesting that he design Michelle a dress that looks like a curtain rod (a la Burnett’s Civil War skit)? He was also Cher’s designer, so I’m sure he can do elegant when the time came for it. (just jokes) Peace always

  10. It might be Narciso Rodriguez, again. She did him a solid with her election-night dress. But generally, I think 3 things:1. It will be long, not short, and will show off those *shoulders*2. It will be red3. It will be designed by a person of color

  11. I love Carolina Herrera too but to fit the woman of color bill (Carolina is not trying to claim any South American mestizo roots) I vote for Tracy Reese. She uses feminine designs and works a lot with color and clean lines, which Michelle loves.

  12. There is no way I can take anymore of these two…but I will be right back here at Black Snob Monday AM. Anywho, why does she dress and act so tacky. I don’t understand her thought process? Who dresses her? Who tells her it is ok to wear some of the outfits she wears? Does anyone love her? Nick, baby, Hubby, Help-mate, please help your wife out. It’s not cool anymore. She’s like 50 years old…ok 38 years old but nonetheless you can’t keep up the tackiness forever. Does anyone remember that ONE TIME when she dressed so elegant? I believe it was in NYC, she was getting into or out of a limo. Her hair was pulled back or up with a beautiful cream colored suit or dress on. It was amazing, everyone in celeb-la-la land was amazed that that was Ms. Carey. What happened? This is a joke! They are a cruel joke that is perpertually chemically displeasing to my retina!!!

  13. Oh yes…regret is in his future but laser tattoo removal will solve all that I’m sure. Who knows…maybe those CRAZY people will stay together…and keep other people from having to deal with them.Michelle O’s dress…I like Tracey Reese for it though I’m personally a Betsy Johnson kind of girl. Michelle will (hopefully) do something flattering to a figure and without a print. She’s had some bad luck with prints. A single color with a one large design print on it could be okay but that might be too risque. Also remember she has to walk during the parade so if she doesn’t want to change it has to be reasonable for that.

  14. The inauguration will take place on what will no doubt be a chilly day. In that case Michelle Obama’s outfit will not be complete without a killer coat. Damn the dress. She’ll probably use one of her standby. So I am going for the more obvious a seriously impeccable and feminine coat say a Steve by Searle (alpaca)3/4 in red or a Burberry trench coat(not the plaid that has been played out by label whores in the ‘hood). The tiered trench is a winner in a neutral shade of stone or a belted trench coat in honey. Underneath she should be wearing a killer dark fuschia or plum dress. That’s just my two cents. I hope she says no to suits. It’s time to bring it back to lady finesse and Michelle can do it. I mean nothing against suits expect they can get predictable and boring at times.

  15. tracy reese absolutely gets my vote. my fantasy is to have her design my wedding dress.that tat is HILARIOUS every time i see it. chuckles really is asking the gods to f up his marriage.

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  18. Mariah really wont regret her tattoo but Nick will. What's with the guy and he think to print that name on his back its kinda huge and not pleasing to see. Well, love is all that matters to them anyways, I can't blame them or any other way.Luc JensonLeather Jacket Vintage

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