Open Thread: Shoes You’d Wish Michelle Would Wear Or Is Nick Cannon Sexy?

Starter Topics: A lot of hubbub was made over the designer shiny red leather pumps Sarah Palin rocked on the stump and I have to admit, The Snob had shoe envy. I have terrible, no good wide, flat feet and short, stubby toes. My ex once told me I had “Flintstone feet.” They’re not that bad, but I could never wear those shoes. But Michelle Obama could wear some fly shoes.

Throughout the campaign she was almost always stuck in a pair of flats and I wondered, if it’s OK for Cindy McCain to rock the stilettos and tower over her inflexible hubby, why can’t Michelle? Does she hate the three inch heel? Would it make her too Amazonian? Yet I desire for Tyra Banks or Kimora or Condoleezza Rice to sneak Shelly O. a pair of banging pumps. Michelle doesn’t need to be Imelda Marcos or anything, but I just want to see her in heels. Here is my fantasy shoe collection, none of which I can afford or wear.

What kind of shoes would you like to see Michelle in?

PS. If you see a pair of shoes you’re curious about, just ask and I’ll tell you the brand and where I found them.

Or, riddle me this …

Do you find this man attractive? The verdict is still out on Chuckles, husband of Glitter, for The Snob. What about you?

47 thoughts on “Open Thread: Shoes You’d Wish Michelle Would Wear Or Is Nick Cannon Sexy?

  1. I’m a shoe-a-holic so I have something similar to everything pictured. But I do need a pair of spectators, so 3rd grouping of pics, second row, 4th pair in, B/W spectators??Michelle may be sensitive about her height hence the flats/low heels most of the time? Also, most classy professional women tend to shy away from “f**k-me” heels.Chuckles: not in the dark, not with a bag on his head, not even with someone else’s coochie.

  2. im 5’10, and i love my height but i can admit to being a little self conscious about wearing heels when im with men that are my height or a little shorter. and NO MA’AM! nick cannon is not sexy!

  3. He has a nice body, but the face…eh.I predict MO will be seen in heels much more often now that the election is over. Can a person wear slingbacks in the winter, or would that be weird? There’s a pair of shoes on sale at Nordstrom that I really like, but I wonder if the slingback design means I can’t wear them in the winter (obviously I wouldn’t wear them in s snow or anything.)

  4. Michelle is already killin it… I would like to see her rock some stilletos, but maybe she’s worried about being taller than her husband… well, Barack could always put lifts in his shoes or whatever. 😀 Either way, the woman is gettin it. The two of them together is hotness to the 100th power. 😀 :DAnd… its embarrasing to admit this, but back when he did drum roll or whatever that movie was I thought he was semi-hot… now? Hell to the no. 😀

  5. But chuckles wasn't on K & K – he was on "All That". I can't believe I remembered that.Oh well – nice collection. I'm not a shoe girl. I'm purse girl so when MO wants to rock Coach leather goods, we'll talk.

  6. When Nick Cannon first came out I remember having quite the crush. Looking at him now, I question my level of sanity.The taupe and fawn peek-a-boo platforms on the left, second row down are fabulous. I can’t fault Miss O for forgoing heels, though, as I gave up my own collection last year.

  7. I would love to see Michelle in some red stilettos. Well, any of the footwear shown would work. I hope she brings some “flyness” to the White House amongst other changes.And although Nick’s body looks nice in this photo, I am not feelin’ him as sexy. No way!

  8. Michelle is a modern woman who is active (did you see her run up the stairs at Sidwell?). Stilleto heels are not real world friendly. They are for woman who want to be sex symbols, and I would guess that’s not the image or aspiration she wants to give her daughters.

  9. Chuckles is cute, like the ’round the way boy cute. I’ve always thought so. And his body looks nice in that picture. But I don’t think he’s SEXY.I’m not sophisticated enough to really care about shoes. LOL

  10. Based on the overwhelmingly negative responses to Nick’s sexiness, I further predict Mariah’s marriage lasting rather briefly. Her girlfriends are probably saying the same thing, and we all know how much wives listen to them over time. As a man who’s 48 and looks younger than his age, I still can’t relate to Nick. He looks very High School Musical to me. If that’s Mariah’s thing, though, who are we to judge?

  11. Breaking News: Obama gets called a House Negro by Al-Queda.Quick!!! We need your commentary!Nick Cannon’s a goof and Michelle should wear the pumps when she’s with the girls and alone. Sexy House wife style.

  12. Snob, I too have “Flintstone” feet. I actually use the word “Flintstone” to desribe them! LOL.If you rock heels could you tell me which brand you prefer. It’s so hard for me to find cute shoes that don’t emphasize the weirdness of my feet.

  13. I think she perfers the flats becuase she is so tall and doesn’t want to seem like she is towering over Obama…thats what i think!

  14. Michelle should wear some heels. I can not stand flats. I wear flip flops that have a little platform on them. Heels make a woman’s body look better in my opinion.Nick Cannon has never been cute and definitely not sexy. Millions would not entice me to touch him.

  15. Thanks Anonymous – about the update on Obama being called a House Negro by Al-Queda.I had just heard it on eek- Limbaugh. I’ve always found it interesting that the world knows so much about our culture here in the states. I would also like to hear the Snobs opinion on what the PM of Italy said about Obama. ) I’m paraphrasing but I believe he said he is good looking and has a good tan.) It is going to be interesting to see what the reaction is to things said about Obama. I love shoes too but I dont think all stilletos are overly sexy shoes. But I think Michelle should do what ever Michelle wants because she is amazing. Heels no heels she is a great role model.

  16. First off, this pic of nicky c is cute! but that’s only because it’s a photo! if it was a video, the answer would be hell to the nah! he is too goofy! loved wild n out though, helped increase his swag. i general i don’t like skinny cut boys but this pic makes him look like a grown @ss man!love the shoes! that platform beige and brown, shoe off the chain! if you can’t afford the shoes, i can’t either! i’m not even gonna ask the brand!

  17. booga and k-boog!: the taupe and fawn number, first collection on the left, second row, is a Nine West womens “Faraway” Platform pump. You can probably afford it when it gets marked down for the holidays.And someone mentioned the black boots? The square toe/heel are Caligarius Enna’s and the other is Via Spiga’s “Cindy” boot.Per the “house Negro” comment, after I stopped laughing wondered which Malcolm X Zawahiri was referring to? The reformed criminal/black seperationist radical? Or the guy who came back from Mecca and didn’t hate all white people anymore? I know people like to focus on when Malcolm was controversial, freaking people out and calling white folks “the devil,” not when he became spiritual and started to move past the political because finding spiritual peace is obviously SOOO BORING AND UNSEXY compared to holding a shotgun while looking out a window, but we can’t just pretend like the shizz didn’t happen. Life isn’t either/or, black/white. It’s complicated and nuanced, but radicals, fanatics, extremists, various members of the Bush Administration and all sorts of Amercans don’t do nuance so I’m not surprised.

  18. HAHAHA. vagina dryer??? biz, you are too funny!! i totally agree, nick cannon is NO wall-of-sexy. he’s too scrawny.

  19. those shoes are fire! i want to know about them all.nick cannon is a goofball, but a well paid goofball. if that’s mimi’s flavor, so be it, but i STILL don’t get it…

  20. Uhh…can you let me know the name of all of them? I should email you or something. I highly doubt you want to name them all in the comments. And NO NO NO NO NO NO NO he is not sexy. No. Just…no.

  21. Snob,Nix to Nick; I like my men manly (see Eammon Walker or Idris Elba. MMMM, now that’s tasty!).Since I’ve developed OA, i can’t wear heels anymore. So, I jealously give props to anyone wearing heels. As far as Michelle goes, I’d love to see her in some serious heels at least once.

  22. Shoe-wise, I’d just like to see Mrs. O in anything with a heel. I particularly like the two red peep-toe pumps and the brown and tan guess pumps in the top row. Now pumps aren’t for walking, they’re just for looking and feeling good. It’s almost a confidence booster. As for Nick Cannon, I see him and think goober, even though he’s cute in the face and has a nice body. But I just see him as Mariah’s pet and not her man. They don’t make sense together for me, but at least she didn’t thug out with a Bobby Brown-type critter so props for that.

  23. btw…It makes me sad to hear that people I like can’t know the love of a good high-heeled shoe. I usually take for granted that I have small enough feet that I can usually try on the floor sample. Today I am grateful.Shoes are so woman-friendly. Even when you gain weight you can still rock badass shoes.

  24. Nick looks like a little boy teenager to be exact. I’m not into that. But he ain’t ugly or nothing just too young looking.

  25. I don’t know Michelle, but I’d like to think that someone like her could care less about being tall, or taller than her husband. It’s rather old-fashioned and patriarchal to think that a woman as intelligent and independent as she is only wears flats in order to be appear diminutive next to her husband.How about the basic, universal notion of comfort: that she wears flats to be comfortable and avoid having busted feet? Can you imagine how many hours a day she is on her feet? I remember Hillary made some random remark about how her feet hurt at some point during the primaries. How many of you can rock stillettos or pumps or even wedges while climbing on and off planes, walking tarmacs, walking up and down stages, walking around in crowds talking to people, taking care of two children and networking around at fundraisers all night? I can understand the ability to wear heels all day if all you do is sit at a desk, then drive home and take them off. I think her flats are a matter of comfort more than anything else. But like someone else said (I think princess butterfly or something), heels or no heels, Michelle is amazing.

  26. @anonymous (the 1st one)THAT’S where I’ve seen dood before! He’s in that damn “Drum Line” movie that my kid watches over and over and over and over again. I hate that movie. Now I hate dood. DO NOT EVER WANT!

  27. Snob, I’m laughing too at Zawahiri’s comment about Rice, Powell, Obama and their “likes” being house negroes. The sheik must be reading the Black Snob because I had just implied that Rice was the doing the massa’s bidding in the big house. That’s way too funny.

  28. I luvvvv most of those shoes, but I don’t like the boots. The squared-off toe is horrendous, and I preferr a sleeker profile with knew high boots without all of the seaming….As far as Chuckles, from the neck down, he’s on fire now that he pumps up…can’t really stand to hear either one of them speak.

  29. Snob: if you can buy Blahnik or Lobo you can get custom made shoes that fit your feet. The instep and length don’t work for me with a lot of these shoes.Yes, Michelle probably feels more comfortable in flats but a 2.5″ won’t kill her. And I am now feeling sick at the suggestion that Nick is sexual chocolate.

  30. Nick Cannon is just a baby and I like men.I would love it if Michelle would wear any of those shoes. Please, at least something with a heel!

  31. I predict that Michelle will start wear hot shoes now that she’s in the White House. She had to wear flats to appeal to the voters, but now that they’re in she’ll totally start wearing the pumps!

  32. nick cannon is goofy…no offense but that just not sexy…michelle should rock the 5 inchers…let the glamazon out and show them all how it’s done…

  33. Netflix sent me “A Mighty Heart” and I watched it today. It’s the story of Daniel Pearl, a journalist who was kipnapped and killed in Pakistan by terrorists. Although it is was a tragic story, I wasn’t too moved by it because, mercifully, it didn’t show the actual murder of Pearl. For years, I avoided seeing the decapitation videos on the net, due to its sick and sadistic nature. Well, a few minutes ago, curiosity got the better of me and I watched it. It was more sad and moving than the movie, which brings me to this point. There’s no way–under God, Allah, or any other deity name–that taking a life is justified for political purposes. I really believe America needs to pull out of the Mideast as soon as possible, and work on a dialogue with the Muslim world. It may take a hundred years, but a diplomatic solution is the only way. There are a lot of people in moral darkness and bringing them light is the correct path. Vengeance and a desire to establish our democratic system upon others is not the answer either. We have to change hearts and minds before instituting a new political system in a country, and Muslims have to want this for themselves. I know Pearl is on the other side and has peace. I hope his captors turn away from the violence and seek a peaceful path, which is the highest state that you can attain.

  34. Michelle can wear whatever shoes she wants with her Princeton/Harvard Law-educated, President of the United States husband having self. She can leave that Narcisso Rodriguez in the closet (although I got the red-black (no) and green thing)though.Leave Mr. Carey alone. Ya’ll know good and well you’d hit it.

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