The Blog Vacation

It’ll be over come Monday. (For the Glitter n’ Chuckles-askance, your pain is measured only in a matter of days!)

I’ve been working hard at my pathetic for pay job as well as trying to come up with ideas for the blog relaunch in January. (The deadline is for the new redesigned site to be up by Jan. 20 when Obama is inaugurated as the 44th president of the United States.)

I’m likely going to make the move to WordPress and fork over some dough to get some Web hosting. A few of you have offered to help, which is awesome and I will totally be contacting some of you in regards to your advice. Others of you have made great suggestions and requests on everything from what hosting I should go with to which individuals I should use to write about for a revamped “Incognegro” series. I am totally taking in all your feedback and if I’m slow in getting back to you (or I don’t get back to you) it’s because the response was so overwhelming. I appreciate that so many of you feel so strongly and positively about the site which is obviously still in a growing phase.

One thing I’m going to hate to do, but realize I have to do is follow the law in how I reproduce photos. The site is a victim of its own success and I can’t run around like a renegade forever like no one is reading this puppy but my sister and my best friend, so … there will be a lot fewer photos on BlackSnob 2.0 until I either become:

1) So insanely successful that I can afford a better picture service (least likely to happen)

2) Part of a larger publication that pays for the photos

3) A cheaper press photo service emerges similar to WireImage, which does only celebrity photos (boo!)

I’ll still have photos, but I probably won’t be as reckless when I put them up on the blog. I write this because during the final week of the election my readership doubled, including an extremely high spike on election day — a record high of 13,000 visits — and it has remained surprisingly high throughout my vacation and I’m not even busting out six posts a day. That and there has been a steady drip of attention from people with way more clout and credibility than me, therefore I need to clean house.

BlackSnob 2.0 will still mostly focus on pop culture and politics but I want to write a lot more about minorities in the media. I realize that a segment of you enjoy my unabashed stalking of CNN Weekend’s TJ Holmes but I’m actually fascinated by almost all media figures. (I think I’ve written repeatedly that I’m in love with Ann Curry on NBC and created an award for hot journalists in honor of Ed Bradley. I miss you, Ed!) TJ’s just on a short list of ones I find extremely attractive. But someone has to keep track of all the minority anchors, reporters, talking heads, pundits and politicos running about. I’m just going to appoint myself chief black/brown/Asian media stalker-gawker. Send your news to me. And if you’re a brown person in the media, send me tips and photos about yourself. I KNOW YOU READ THE BLOG!!! I promise to be discrete.

I will also write more about random lifestyle issues, color issues, gender issues and whatever else I deem rant-worthy. The title “The Black Snob” is a touch misleading as the blog really isn’t about traditional “snobbery.” A joke wrapped inside another joke, it refers to internal class issues within the black community and isn’t necessarily an endorsement of “Our Kind of People” (nor a diss). Mine is more of an intellectual snobbery, as in, my head almost exploded while watching a Tyler Perry film earlier this year and I think DL Hughley has no business on CNN. In real life I’m a nerdy, self-described hobohemian — a broke, over-educated artistic drifter with a laptop. But “The Black Artistic Hobohemian Nerd Intellectual Snob” just wasn’t as pithy.

That said, keep the ideas, suggestions and love coming. Thanks to everyone who’s donated a dollar or more to the blog. On the right side there is a panel listing all the donors who have contributed (the “Snob All-Stars” list). You all rock!

Back to my vacation (sort of)!

Danielle B. aka “The Snob”

15 thoughts on “The Blog Vacation

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing the new layout, Snob. May the new year bring you glad tidings and great success. And to all, a jolly good night!

  2. You know someone else who needs to get off CNN beside Lou Dobbs. That’s right Soledad Obrien! She can go sit down now and take care of those four little angels. All she’s doing is these specials that don’t mean nothing. Need I say “black in America” also the MSNBC report on Jonestown was way better.

  3. I’m looking forward to reading about Media folks and perhaps you’ll be able to get an interview with some of them for your blog. My Post Obama resolution is to be selective about my media resources. Also, if you have updates about Oprah’s new TV channel in the making I’d like to hear about that as well. Thank you for everything

  4. Blacks in Media: CNN’s Tony Harris!!! Who doesn’t love Tony Harris?!?! He’s like your favorite neighbor or uncle.Pop Culture: Sophie Okonedo…Love her and her tear jerking depth!

  5. I’m looking forward to your version 2.0 of this blog! I ran across this about two months ago and love it. While you’re checking up more on blacks in the media please find out why Don Lemon isn’t on everyday anymore, only on weekends. He’s my version of your TJ.

  6. Danielle, I know you’ve heard the old maxim, “If it is not broke, don’t fix it.” You have what I consider to be one of, if not the most, entertaining and informative blogs on the web. Your readership is up, way up! I see you are getting ads, and that the ads are not too intrusive. The ads might help pay for the Wire-Image service to keep you legal. I find all the pictures entertaining, including those of Glitter and Chuckles! The pictures including your cartoons are what makes your blog special… and isn’t “web-hosting” also an added expense? I thought you were taking a vacation to work on some of the almost completed projects you have laying around, like your stories and screen plays! By the way, I took a look for the first time at SECRET COUNCIL OF AMERICAN NEGROES or SCAN. I didn’t realize that SECRET COUNCIL and SCAN were one and the same. (I’ll bet I’m not the only one who didn’t make that connection.) For me, SCAN is a story site. It reminds me of Garrison Keeler’s Lake Woebegone. Is a web blog the best place to write and publicize your stories before they are finished ? Are there other others who write stories in serial form on the web? Forgive me, but I think the SECRET COUNCIL should be taken down. My suggestion is to work on it at home until the stories are finished, and then call a literary agent. Better yet. Why not call a literary agent now and see if you can get an advance?I do like SCAN’S “The Black History is American History” widget Why not make it a part of the new BLACK SNOB?Call me whenever you want an honest opinion,

  7. I love this blog. I’m so glad I found it! It’s really nice to read intelligent commentary on politics, entertainment and pop culture. You’re fashion critiques are a riot! I can’t wait for blacksnob 2.0

  8. ON ACKNOWLEDGING CONTRIBUTERSI find the list of “Snob All Starts” (sic) a bit confusing.I understand that these are people who have contributed financially to your blog. It seems ill advised to give them “snob names.” I think the snob names should be reserved for family members. They are characters in your narrative. The contributers are not! Contributers should be respectfully acknowledged, so others will be encouraged to contribute. I don’t have to remind you that members of the MOVE organization in Philadelphia, were all renamed AFRICA, in honor of their leader John Africa. Also members of the Black Muslims assumed the last name Mohammad, after their leader Elijah Mohammad. Renaming all your supporters “Snob” is definitely not cool! On the other hand, you don’t have to explain or apologize for “The Black Snob.” to us. To echo blogger MzRoz’s comment: “We love your blog.” ====================”The title “The Black Snob” is a touch misleading as the blog really isn’t about traditional “snobbery.” A joke wrapped inside another joke, it refers to internal class issues within the black community and isn’t necessarily an endorsement of “Our Kind of People” (nor a diss). Mine is more of an intellectual snobbery, as in, my head almost exploded while watching a Tyler Perry film earlier this year … =======================We love your blog, (as is.)We love the quirky combination of nationalism and individuality that The Black Snob represents. But I for one, am not ready to change my last name to “Snob”, at least not just yet!Best Wishes and Carry on,

  9. First off, your hair rocks!!! One day I should be so lucky! Anyway, your blog is great! I wish you the best! I just hope that BlackSnob 2.0 is just a better version of the original because this is a great blog! As well, i hope you have an automatic redirect from this site to your new World Press site, I hate for you to lose readership in the switch.Keep up the great work!

  10. I really look forward to 2.0 and I TOTALLY agree with your take on Tyler Perry’s movie and D.L….can’t wait to read more!

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