Open Thread: Civil Rights In the Obama Administration OR Does This Look Like A Woman Who Wants To Push Out A Baby?

Starter Topic: The Rev. Al Sharpton is pushing for President-Elect Barack Obama to pick an Attorney General who will address police brutality issues. How will activists like Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, as well as groups like the Urban League and the NAACP adjust to an Obama Administration? Will new groups and leaders rise? If so, who do you think will benefit in the Obama Era?

Or … Does this look like a woman who wants to have kids?

Glitter swears she wants to have kids, but Glitter also has a paranoia about being fat or unattractive. She once had a meltdown while working on a film where she had to be unattractive. She could handle wearing cornrows, but couldn’t adjust to being ordinary looking and wearing next-to-no make-up. Almost every magazine cover Glitter does is airbrushed to hell and back.

Plus, Glitter has a body that WANTS to be fat. I mean, remember when she was a twig, then one day, she ate a sandwich and became a thicky-thick girl? Mind you, I think Glitter is actually hot from the neck down (and sometimes from the face up). She looks better with the extra 20 lbs and the boob job. But being 38 there’s no guarantee she’ll just bounce back like Sexiest Woman in the History of the Known UniverseHalle Berry. Getting knocked up carries a ton of risks to her boob-tummy-ass-thigh region. So will Glitter actually have Chuckles big head babies? Or does Glitter just want to continue to play house with her funny hubby?

15 thoughts on “Open Thread: Civil Rights In the Obama Administration OR Does This Look Like A Woman Who Wants To Push Out A Baby?

  1. hahaha… i’ve got that body thing too… who knows how big I’d be if I didn’t play sports? :DAnd I know Mariah is not going to want to “mess up” her body. Did I mention that the woman’s damn near 40?? Any longer and she probably shouldn’t even be having kids.

  2. I think the traditional house knee-gros and pleasediesoonihateeverythingaboutyou Al Sharpton will be in for a rude awakening with our next President. His election did not open up a side door for Black folks to line up at and “get theirs”. (It takes skill to scroll real fast past the pics of the attention whores to the comments button.)

  3. Jesse and Sharpton should stay in the background like they’ve been doing. These dinosaurs had their day and they need to let Obama have his. If Obama wants to get re-elected–and I know he does–he has to be a moderate. There’s no money in the budget for massive spending anyway, so he has to scale down his plans. Just bring the boys home, Obama, that’s all you got to do. And get us out of Afghanistan too!

  4. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton need to sit their a** down for 8 years or more. They do not help the black community. They need to focus on the black dropout rate instead of being in Barack business. Al Sharpton needs to realizr Barack-Biden adminstration does not give a sh*t about Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. SOmetimes I feel that Al and Jesse act like they are the Kennedy’s. @greerI agree with your whole post. Just because black people are in the White House does not mean blacks need to start acting like Barack and Joe owe them something.

  5. I’d love to see how Obama handles the influx of black requests. Like when you hit the lottery and all ya cousins come out the woodwork. MC looks better with weight, definitely. I’m not feeling her slimmed down. I hope she has a baby soon to enjoy motherhood and get out of these wack trashy clothes. It’s embarrassing now.

  6. This is very disheartening. I saw some black “leaders” on the tube Sunday ‘tam about Obama OWES them. When are we ever gonna be satisfied?

  7. Well, he HAD been fairly quiet the last few weeks, but I KNEW it was too good to be true! It was only a matter of time before Sharpton opened his mouth…

  8. does sharpton and other clowns like himself actually think they have right to make demands of obama…sit the eff down, take jesse with you and let obama do his job…

  9. Jeepers Creepers more Mariah?? Love what you wrote. Anyone make a comparison between the subtle but obvious love of Barack and Michelle and the PDA of Nick and Mariah?

  10. LMAO on mariah having a body that "WANTS" to be fat! she is literally a legend in her own mind! jesse and "sharpei" need to stick to their job descrips & let obama get to his. enuf said.

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