Weekend Open Thread: Glitter and Chuckles Hope You’re Having A Good Weekend!

Glitter and Chuckles were too busy staring into each others eyes all week that they missed the big stories in the news. What was the BIG STORY this week, folks? What’s hot in the streets? Glitter and Chuckles must know!

10 thoughts on “Weekend Open Thread: Glitter and Chuckles Hope You’re Having A Good Weekend!

  1. I know people will think the big story is Hillary Clinton being considered for the Secretary of State post. However, I think the undercurrent of Obama hate that’s spreading the country is the real headliner. I see everywhere, on the internet, on TV, in the newspapers. There’s much fear out there as evidenced by the skyrocketing gun sales and the rabid talk on right-wing radio. The question is will it settle down or will it escalate into something else? Regarding Mariah, I think she misses her daddy. Nicky is too young for her. She should have picked me instead.

  2. Make it stop! Nick and Mariah make my teeth hurt.btw draven7, the “Get Your War On” video is linked at HuffPo in the 23/6 section. You should be able to see it there. It’s hilarious and even worth installing an add-on from a reputable company like Flash or Java if need be.

  3. Thanks, Dkan71, for the tip. When I go to the Huffpost, I’m still asked to add the installer. But I have the flash already, so I don’t what they’re talking about. Everytime I go to the Blacksnob now, my screen goes dark and I’m asked to add this installer. My computer got jacked up when I performed a similar download last month. Fool me twice…(?)and you can’t fool me again.

  4. “Joe the plumber has a website” That’s sick, and he has a Wikipedia page that is longer than the Wikipedia page’s of some of those interesting people, who have actually contributed something of substance, helpfulness and importance to the world. This country is full of a bunch of dummies.http://in.youtube.com/watch?v=A8SuCBHqXtQ

  5. You got that right, anonymous. Even the smart people are now dumb too. Check out the Obama hater blogs by educated people, who seriously believe the man is a Marxist. I’m scouting around for another country to live in, and by next year, I may just do it.

  6. At first, I thought this pairing was a bit off, but Mariah seems genuinely happy with Nick. I think they just like to do “juvenile” type things, but you can tell they like being around each other a lot. I don’t know if it will last, but after all the things Mariah went through for a time in her life, she deserves to be happy. They sure do love the amusement parks though! lol.

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