For the Obama Fans …

I know some of you don’t like Glitter and Chuckles (and you who don’t like them are totally hurting their feelings. They have another week left of blog babysitting to do!), so here are some pictures I would have posted to the blog earlier if I hadn’t been working on other things during my blog vacation … which is going well, BTW. I’m getting A LOT of work done and planning for the future of The Black Snob and working on a not-so-top-secret writing project.

I’m still updating on Facebook while I figure out phase two of the blog! Thanks for weathering through. Here are some pictures from an Obama date night a few weeks ago! Love the boots! Obama hot topics: Will it be public or private school for the girls? (I’m still betting on private. DC schools have issues.) The press is all sad that the Obamas aren’t everywhere like they were during the election. They’re just off somewhere, quietly planning the future. There, there, media. They’ll be in the White House soon enough! Also, Michelle is wearing more heels. How soon before she goes hog wild and puts on a pair of 3-inchers? This MUST happen for my life to be complete!

17 thoughts on “For the Obama Fans …

  1. The Obamas constantly bring up the future of their daughters, so I imagine a top-quality education is their main priority. They’ll keep them in private school for this reason, as well as the security concerns. There are too many wackos in the world preventing the girls from attending public school.

  2. Love the coat. Nice to see her in heels. Barack looks cool as usual. The Obama’s should send their girls to private school. DC public school can’t handle the security that’s going to be needed. And DC schools are the P-I-T-S!! I am looking forward to Barack’s interview with 60 minutes.

  3. love the boots, coat & the hair – she looks great with it pulled back – that is a stunning woman. he's not too bad himself 😉 how about the obamas baby sit the site instead? or atleast share time with the love bunniesi'm in a philly suburb & i had to send my son to private school – so i'm sure they'll go that route in dc. but especially in that area there are a bunch of good private schools to choose from – my little brother & sister go to one. some posh place my father & his wife found

  4. I’m glad I’m not the only one who wishes they could move into the White House now! lol. I mean, seriously, the Obamas have made even a simple dinner look like the classiest thing in the world.

  5. This man is so slick and suave. She just looks like a pure hot tamale in the cold weather. I agree those boots could be more ferocious. Four inchers Michelle…then we’d be talking ferocious business!

  6. Wow they are looking so fashionable. And does Obama look ultra-smooth or what??? I like the idea that they could potentially take the place of Brad and Angelina as “the hot couple” in the spotlight. Three words: I hope so! Another three words: It’s about time!!!

  7. I agree I love her hair slicked back. I hope she does not grow it out, because she wears her hair so cute short.

  8. Just makes me smile. I can’t handle all this “black cool”. They look like other successful black couples that I actually know. It is a pleasure to see this on the worlds stage. CrystalRose, I agree…it is about time.

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