Condi Does Her Own Fierce

A few Black Snob readers sent me this picture of Condoleezza Rice but can anyone tell me where it is from? Either way, I really like her hair. (Hate the clothes, but the hair is awesome.) And are her arms ripped or what?

20 thoughts on “Condi Does Her Own Fierce

  1. Call me what you will, but I always thought Condi had an inner babe lurking inside. I’m beginning to think there’s a lot we don’t know about when it comes to Madam Secretary. She might even get a little “marvericky” at night.

  2. Her politics may be wrong but I have ALWAYS thought Condi was fierce as hell. Chickie has some serious grey matter going on. I could get into some chill out and shoot the shit evenings with her. I’d come away knowing a hella lot more than I do now that’s for sure. Ohhh! Switch from the attention whore duo to Condi for the rest of your time off! That would be sweet!

  3. If Ann Coulter or Rush Limbaugh dressed to the nines and buffed out a little bit, would you host them on your page?Jeez, how many Iraqi’s does a biatch have to continence being killed before they call her a war criminal? How many Americans?

  4. I say “Bourgie” in quotes because most of y’all are barely working class poor, yet you identify with a female who’s shoes cost more than a month’s salary for most people living in America.

  5. Okay, Chantal, I bought the bait. First of all, I don’t identify with Miss Rice one bit because she joined the neocons and did their biding in the state department. I respect her, however, as a highly successful black woman who’s reached the pinnacle of politics by her intelligence and drive. No, I can’t relate to her politics, shoes, or her slavish devotion to George W. Bush. We shouldn’t get mad because somebody’s got to clean the massa’s house while the rest are working in the fields, right? Earlier, I merely commented on how attractive Rice can be. You know, sometimes I think with two heads and I don’t have much control over one of them.

  6. “We shouldn’t get mad because somebody’s got to clean the massa’s house while the rest are working in the fields, right?”Draven7, kudos at your honesty about the two heads. But you have to understand where my head is at. I am saddened and enraged at this woman who plays a leadership part in an administration that has been responsible for millions of innocents dying. Many still dying.I hope will never be so turned on by someone’s outward appearance that I forget my moral compass.Just to put it in context for you, I don’t just grieve for Iraqis and Americans, I morn the thousands (some say the figure is 20,000) dead in Haiti because of Bush regime change (2004) in the service of a coup. Haiti is my birthplace. Haiti is my heart. Haiti has been annihilated in every sense of the word.Don’t forget the Africans… Darfur, Somalia, the Congo (6 million dead), Nigeria…etc. What part does the U.S. global tapeworm play in the bloody conflicts in these countries? Is Condi interested?Sad to say–the house negros and black overseers who do massa’s dirty work are often the envy of the “field negros”; who wish it was them up there cracking the whip.

  7. I get what you’re saying, Chantal, although you’re preaching to the usher at this point. I neither envy Rice nor would I want to trade places with her, though. I have enough bad karma of my own to sort out in this life. I’m content with my own modest lot in life and I’m sure everything is where it’s supposed to be–with Rice helping the Rebs and me blogging about them. Remember, The Black Snob is someone else’s moniker. If I had my own blog, it would be called The Black Schmuck.

  8. “How dare you shop for shoes while thousands are dying and homeless!”Condi Rice Shops for Shoes, Works on Backhand shops ’til they drop during Hurricane Katrina and Rita… I imagine Condi’s snakelike demeanor–the slits for eyes, beetling brows and low forehead must have intimidated this outraged shopper at Ferragamos in NY.Hope the next big house to host her highness will put her to work making licenses. Fingers crossed!

  9. Come on.. she worked for it.. she can afford.. and why not… If I was earning like her, I’ll be buying the shoes as well… should I gave it all to charity? Hell.. no.. I work hard for the money.

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