Open Thread: How Will Obama’s Presidency Affect the Media Or Are You Hatin’ On Glitter and Chuckles?

Starter topics: FOX News for eight years has benefited from a close relationship with a more than friendly White House. Keith Olbermann’s crescendo is directly related to George W. Bush’s decrescendo. Every comic who makes fun of the news has lived fat off the Bush Administration. But Obama is about as far from Bush as one can get. What is going to happen to the media economy Bush created? What is Keith going to rail against every night? Will Bill O’Reilly have to learn to be civil? Is Rupert Murdock trying to kiss up to Obama in the same way he kissed up to Tony Blair when Blair came to power in the UK? What will be the joke du jour for Jon Stewart? Inquiring minds want to know. What do you think will happen?

Or, do you love Glitter and Chuckles or do you hate them? Do you look forward to whatever picture will be here every morning of my hiatus fortnight or do you find some schadenfreude or do you just hate them and focus on the alternate topic starter question? Do you wish them well? Do you think they’ll crash n’ burn in a matter of months? Are you already picturing their future children?

For the record, I find them HILARIOUS, which is why they are torturing you for my hiatus period, but some may feel otherwise. Speak your mind if you are so inclined.

19 thoughts on “Open Thread: How Will Obama’s Presidency Affect the Media Or Are You Hatin’ On Glitter and Chuckles?

  1. Mariah looks great for her age, but couldn’t Nick have worn something better than that? He looks like shit. The t-shirt doesn’t impress me. Otherwise, they don’t bother me that much. I’m proud of her for taking care of herself and looking good. He’s a joke, but whatever.

  2. i love this whole mimi thing it is so cute…i wish them well but i dont think it will last long cause he is young and she is old. not old like 70 yrs old but you know what i mean. i think they will last longer then people think. but ithink that marrige is gonna end someday. =[. i love me some mariah the old her not the new. her muisc was so much better back then. not all the bye bye bye nsyince crap is lame.

  3. thats a good point, snob..who is olbermann going to go ape sh** on everynight?? hmmm should be interesting. its going to be a completely different show. as far as billo and all those other fox news folks, i sure theyll find something to pick at. if they cant find anything..they can just make up something!

  4. I like Mariah cleavage as much as the next person (did I say that out loud?) but… I miss seeing Hopey McChange and Michelle on the Snob. Surely they’re still being followed by a photographer or two.

  5. I like Mimi and Chuckles but sorta like to hear more about people with interesting thoughts. But Mimi looks great and Chuckles looks like he is in love. Great to be them.

  6. I hate to say it, but I am still trying to figure that one out. Nick Cannon and Mariah? Hmmm, When they got married I was tempted to start a “When will they divorce” pool. I was going to put $50 on Spring 2009…

  7. Wagering on Mariah’s marriage lasting is a sucker’s bet. This is probably her last chance to have a kid, and after that, it’s adios Nicky. Lots of times their dress reveals they’re opposites, and those unions don’t last. Also, Olbermann and other liberals still have other Repubs to go after (Limbaugh and Co.), so they’ll get material to work with. BTW, I don’t think Stewart is a handmaiden of Obama. He spends plenty of time getting in his licks too. I see some laughs ahead and we’re gonna need it.

  8. Cool Post. I have been floating around the blogosphere, and I keep hearing about this ‘Black Snob.’ ‘Black Snob.’I like your style, already. Very informed. Folks always want to hate on Nick Cannon, but he has pulled some stunners. The man has wifed up Kim Kardashian and he has LEGALLY wifed up Mariah Carey.Nick. I salute you.

  9. Real Talk.Rush Limbaugh is going to make a killing off the Obama presidency. He has already inked a big deal. Remember, Limbaugh’s ‘celebrity’ was huge early during the Clinton Presidency, when democrats controlled the Executive and Legislative Branch.

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  11. Y’know, I watch alot of Fox justfor a good laugh. It’s likes Thursday Nights on NBC for me. It seems to me that O’ Reily started conceeding to the Obama Powerhouse around the time of Hillary’s departure. His commentaries have been, surprisingly, restrained as of late.

  12. Mimi and Chuckles remind me of the type of relationships I had in high school. I think they’re both pretty adolescent, and oddly enough I actually see this one lasting longer than a minute.

  13. “alternate topic starter”..I have never liked Mariah Carey and as I have nfc who her husband is scrolling quickly past the pics is necessary. Attention whoredom gives me a migrane. But I lurve reading your readers comments 🙂

  14. If I were Olbermann or Stewart, I wouldn’t be too worried. I see Palin sticking around for a little while longer, riding out her 15 minutes until at least sometime next year. They can still joke off the many fools in the Republic party; a lot of them will still show their ignorance about our Muslim, terrorist, socialist, Marxist, Hitler-esque (that’s the latest), anti-American, black president and his angry, whitey-hating, elitist, just-not-right First Lady. A lot of people are already looking out for Biden to provide some big chuckles. But my money is on the new Chief-of-Staff, Rahm Emanuel. This dude is the stuff political legacies are made of; he’s straight Chi-town, hard-knock, “F-you, do what I say!” politics. Also, one of his brothers is Ari Emanuel, superstar agent and the guy that Jeremy Piven’s character on “Entourage” is based on. Seriously, if you haven’t heard some of the stories about him, I suggest you enlighten yourself:’m already obsessed with him.

  15. I came to your blog to see more pics of Barry and Michelle and I keep seeing Mariah and her human accessory.

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