Open Thread: Who Will Survive the GOPacalypse or Mariah’s Habitual Ring Flashing: Hawt or Not?

Today’s starter open thread topic: Who a gaggle of Republican governors are meeting in Florida this week and will be discussing the future of the party. Who will emerge as the leader, who will be the new stars and who will just barely survive the GOP bloodletting now that MacBeth McMaverick McCain candidacy has failed. Will it be Bobby Jindal? Will it be Mike Huckabee? Will it be Mitt Romney? Or will Sarah Palin find a way to pull an Effie White and announce “I now am telling you, I’m not going, MFers!

Or, do you think the photographers ask for Glitter to whip out her rock or does she do it just because she likes to flash bling? It does sparkle and you know how she feels about bedazzlers, gem stones and all things glitterily tackylicious. Is she trying to make us jealous? Because I’m happy for her and Chuckles, but I NEVER found Chuckles hot. I don’t want her man. But, hey, flash ’em if you got ’em.

14 thoughts on “Open Thread: Who Will Survive the GOPacalypse or Mariah’s Habitual Ring Flashing: Hawt or Not?

  1. all i know is that im am SO. OVER. PALIN. why do i STILL have to be subjected to seeing her mug on my evening news every single night? sheesh..with her seemingly daily interviews and press conferences. what is her purpose? is she not irrelevant at this point? make it stop!!

  2. I guess it’s sort of nice that Mariah is still impressed by the bling after all these years. Some take things for granted. It also shows there’s probably a void in her life that money can’t fill. On the GOP, they’ll try to re-invent themselves so they won’t appear as the “Southern Reb Party.” It’s hard to live down that image because that’s what they are. The Reb candidates will be the usual suspects like Romney and Palin, etc.

  3. Is it just me or does Palin seem a tad bit smater now that the election is over? Maybe it’s just that she stopped pit-bullying Obama and only has postive and senseable things to say.BTW, the Cannons are boring me. I think Will and Jada would be much better babysitters; they’re a little more unpredictable than the Cannons who, to me, look the same in every picture. Or how about Dawn and Q–a fresh love or a scandalous duo like Diddy and Cassie?!?!?!

  4. Mariah and hubby…..big yawn,. ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.Okay now on to interesting people with interesting thoughts.

  5. I’m glad Mariah is happy with her hubby…for now. Call me crazy (shaddup!) but I see a reality show in their future, cuz folk will watch ANY train wreck that comes on screen.I hope the Repugs will put the neo-cons out to pasture after Bush. I’m also hoping they reel in the holy-rollers and stop letting them run the party. Then maybe they’ll appeal to more people.-e

  6. i think jindal will be a big player for the repukes and he’s brown so it’ll look like they’re reaching across color lines…i hope palin goes away, but i have a feeling she’ll wear her tight skirts and shrill her way into a meeting or two…

  7. Talk about odd couple. I just sit and stare with confusion as to how these two function as husband and wife. They kinda creep me out!

  8. Bobby Jindal.The young, Indian-American Governor of Louisiana will be paraded out to counter Obama.Party leaders were looking for him to be on the McCain ticket this year, but he declined.

  9. I still don’t understand it. I wish I could be really happy for ring flashers, but why do we never see men doing this. Again, the stereotype women are only out to trap a man. Or their worth is based on being attached to a man. or some syht. If she didn’t do it so undercover and actually invited her fans along, then maybe I would be excited. But now, no.

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