Open Thread: Michelle Obama’s Role or Mariah’s Hair

Today’s starter random topics: Hey Snob readers. Mimi’s still your babysitter for the day and you can talk about something hella boring like, what you think Michelle Obama’s role will be in the White House? (Lame.) OR you can discuss my hair. Curly versus straight. Mimi commands you to pick a side!

PS. But both sides are totally fierce and sparkle pony so don’t lie!

7 thoughts on “Open Thread: Michelle Obama’s Role or Mariah’s Hair

  1. I’ll take Mariah’s hair either way. I must say that Nick looks like a well-kept bi-arch. Michelle is going to be a dynamite First Lady, a trailblazer. There’s something awe-inspiring about the White House. A few months ago I watched the last scene of “Thirteen Days” many times. It’s just a beautiful shot of John and Bobby Kennedy talking as they walk outside the White House–with their silhouettes against the wall–in the same way that Bush and Obama did. It was ironic and amazing.

  2. Man, you know how to give good laugh. I needed it today. So I say let’s talk Mariah’s hair. We’re goigg to have four years to talk about Michelle the resplendent one or whatever code word the secret service has for her. I love her and Barack dearly but they both made me sick this week, literally. First, I was up for 48 hours, November 4th and 5th, that’s their fault, and I caught a cold, and then I was so excited because he did win I was hugging and kissing every body and his mother in the days after and I got a whopper of an infection from someone. So my head feels like a lead baloon and my ear is clogged and it is all their fault! But I will forgive them, I already have.Anyway, I like the curly on Mariah. She’s so nutty. But you know what? I love that she can be crazy and so daggone successful. I am glad she can afford to unleash live butterflies everywhere she is just for kicks and if she wanted a unicorn she could afford to go out, find one and buy it. Or bred it!

  3. well I gotta say that curly fits you better. it says hey I’m fun you are missing something by not talking to me. you know you want to! that said straight does have it’s place (those award shows). you know either way you look great girl!

  4. please stop talking about mariah on this site as if she belongs here! She's hardly black, and all of her good qualities come from her caucasian roots – so leave her alone! Pretend you never heard of her and talk about someone else like Janet Jackson or Whitney Houston.

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