That’s all I had to say.

See more pictures here at Obama Pics Daily! Oh … and I have a feeling Michelle is going to fashionably upstage a lot of female heads of state and the wives of male heads of state (like she did with poor Laura here). Although there would be exceptions. The level of gorgeous-meets-awesome would cause a room to implode if Queen Noor of Jordan (also fierce), the current President of Argentina Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner (hawt!) and Michelle Obama were in it.

The dress is by Chicago’s Maria Pinto, by-the-way, and you know that girl, like Michelle’s mother and the kids, is TOTALLY moving the shop to D.C.

29 thoughts on “Fierce

  1. The Obamas can’t help it, other first families are old fogies in comparison. I can’t think of any presidential family, including the Kennedys and Clintons, looking as young and vibrant as the Obamas..

  2. I forgot to comment on my gal Michelle. She’s a nubian goddess in that dress, and that’s a lot of woman in it, maybe too much for me to handle. Ouch!

  3. I like that on her. I also really like Laura’s dress, but for some reason it isn’t quite working on her–at least when standing up. In the photo where she’s sitting it’s pretty cute.

  4. I love these pictures and Michelle looks great in her red dress, I’m so proud. My only concern is people like yourself who wish for this to be some contest of who looks better, “black is better”. I think that will add stress to the Obama’s and I wish those Black people that do this would understand this. I would hate for the Obamas to have to address such an issue publicly. At the same time I understand this is your site so it’s simply your opinion, I just hope this is not what you radiate in your interactions. I causes hostility, and just because we have one Black president, let’s be mindful and make sure we have many more in the years to come. Not a sense of regret from people that they voted for the Obama’s now it’s being pushed in their face.

  5. anonymous 2:55 p.m.: I’m confused by your statement. I didn’t bring up race anywhere in my post on Michelle’s outfit. I mentioned she was gorgeous then joked about her looking that gorgeous amongst female heads of states and political wives … which include countries of all sorts of people, including other black and African people.Then I said she, Queen Noor and the President of Argentina were beautiful, the later two are NOT black. Just GORGEOUS. So I’m really wondering if you actually read what I wrote OR if based on the fact that I jokingly named my site “The Black Snob” you assumed I think black people are better. The title is a reference to snobbery WITHIN the black peoples of the world. Not without. It’s a joke on black people who think they are better than other black people.So, um. Perhaps you should clarify yourself because what you gathered seemed to come from the ether.

  6. I felt almost sorry for poor Laura. Oh, man – that is an awful dress and not flattering to her at all. I’ve seen her dress better – what happened? She has “people”, right? A staff? Who let that dress out of the closet? It looks like it came from 1958.

  7. Personally, I don’t say one group is “better” than another because it’s foolish to do so. I merely point out differences sometimes–not based on race–and dole out a little praise, which I think we as black people need. If some people can’t deal with it, then they must look into their own hearts and find out why. I know some are uncomfortable having a black president, and they don’t like the media attention Obama is being given. Well, I’m sorry for those folks. They’ll have to get used to it. Obama is going to live at the White House for 4 years, ride Air Force One, be in the press every day, etc, and I’m lovin’ it.

  8. I think I’m going to like the next four fashion years. My poor husband just doesn’t realize how much time (ahem and money) its going to take to mimic Mrs. O. We have a fashion diva. And whoever put those boots pic on on the comments- thanks!

  9. Kitten heels are going to be hot this winter. OMG, I hope Michelle wears a pair. If she does, I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself. My heavens!

  10. That is not the most flattering dress I’ve seen Laura. Bush in. On a strictly shallow note, the Obamas will be bringing style back to the WH that we haven’t seen since Camelot. Jackie was a very stylish first lady and JFK knew how to rock a suit. I’m excited. I’m sick of everyone thinking Americans are slobs.

  11. Poor Laura – her dress is actually quite nice in a retro-chic way, but completely wrong for her figure. Too blocky and hits her calves in the wrong spot. If you’ve got boobs, stay away from shapeless!Now Michelle on the other hand…I knew she’d turn it out after that election-night disaster! My theory is that she had a stylist for that, and that now she’s back to dressing herself – to the delight of all of us. She’s gorgeous, but she knows how to display it to her advantage while still looking like the epitome of class and elegance.I’m starting to think that Michelle is actually more stylish than Jackie Kennedy – their instinct for fashion is similar, but Jackie always looked stiff and museum-like. Michelle manages to combine unerring, bold taste with warmth and approachability. What does everyone think she’ll wear to the Inaugural Ball? -Alex

  12. Good. I’m glad I’m not the only one that noticed Laura’s boobs……although now I’m suddenly ashamed to say that I did. :-\But yes, you’re absolutely right about the queen of Jordan and the president of Argentina (who is just incredibly hot beyond measure). Ain’t nothing wrong with being powerful AND glamorous. (Some may find that to be simply blasphemous… but in my shallow mind, I think those people cry themselves to sleep at night, holding pictures of Jackie O. to their chest and damning the universe for cursing them with terminal un-fierceness.)ROCK ON, MICHELLE!!!

  13. Michelle is rocking that dress. It’s very flattering to her curvy figure. In contrast, LB’s frock looks very matronly on her. I’ve seen wear better-looking stuff so I know she has it in her. -e

  14. michelle is wearing that dress…damn the obama’s look like a breath of fresh air standing there…i have nothing against laura bush, but she looks like the riddler…

  15. Michelle looks absolutely gorgeous.Also, Duck, Queen Noor is the dowager queen of Jordan. Queen Rania, who is quite fierce herself, is the the Queen of Jordan.

  16. Michelle Obama looks absolutely stunning in that dress. She is killing it!!!! I can’t wait to see these next four years. She’s really going to outshine everyone!!!

  17. Mrs. O totally rockin that red dress! Feel bad for Laura, looks waydumpy, and brown? But, it ok, she herself said she is ‘not into fashion’.

  18. Don’t forget Carla Bruni, the First Lady of France. She’s bad as hell and had to put up with some mess for awhile before the French saw how wonderful she was. I can’t wait to see her and Michelle together. Glamazons of the world unite!

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