Glitter and Chuckles Host The Black Snob Open Thread

Hey ya’ll! The Black Snob is on vacation so Nick and I are babysitting her page! Yeah! This is going to be fun! It’s going to be all butterflies and rainbows until Danielle comes back! I love it.

Danielle says Nick and I are the hotness because everyone writes about Jay-Z and Beyonce but she’s long grown bored with them, especially since they don’t take pictures as wild as Nick and I do. No, Danielle, aka “The Snob,” loves the drama and ever since J. Lo went and got herself domesticated all she has left are me, Naomi Campbell and Kimora Lee Simmons keeping it insane in the streets!

So until she comes back from her little two week holiday you’ll have us hosting The Black Snob Open Thread. You can discuss us (I encourage it personally. We are the only thing that matters!) or you can chat about the news du jour! Post links! Ideas! Tips on how Nick and I can keep the homefires burning! Comments on how sexy I look, all sexy like a Lisa Frank notebook cover meets a Playboy centerfold meets and bedazzled biracial unicorn.

Or … you can answer Snob’s “Questions of the day.”


Or talk about sexy my ass is. You know? Important stuff. I mean, my ass is the hotness, right? That’s not a 38-year-old’s ass. That’s an eternally young booty of forever sprinkles and rainbows tightness. I’m turning myself on, it’s THAT SEXY. Nick loves it. But I’ve already said too much.

Seriously tho. My ass. HAWT.

Anyway, boring stuff now. Blah, blah, blah. The Snob Question of the Day is —

Who are going to be the NEW hot power players in an Obama administration? Long-time Obama family friend and adviser Valerie Jarrett is in charge of the transition team and you know she’s gonna get a glittery tight position in the White House. Who’s gonna be a star in the starchild’s administration?

Keep it sparkle ponies!



8 thoughts on “Glitter and Chuckles Host The Black Snob Open Thread

  1. I don’t have an answer to the question now, but I just want to put on the record that I am BOUND AND DETERMINED to add “Keep it sparkle ponies!” to my daily lexicon. That is all.

  2. Your Snobbery, me thinks ye have been partaking of the eggnog a fortnight early. I have low expectations of the Obama administration. If he can keep us out of war, I’ll be happy. BTW, Mariah’s hind quarters doth stiffens my loins.

  3. What the hell are sparkle ponies? Ex and deep thought don’t mix. What’s to say? She’s pretty and he’s…hmmm in “Drum Line”?I think about it…What do you all think about the Obamas visiting W @ the White House? What would they discuss? Did Laura and Michelle gossip about the men?

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