On The Black Snob, From the Desk of Glitter and Chuckles

Dearest Black Snob readers,

Did I tell you guys that you’re the best?

You’re the best. You’ve made this small blog the little blog that could this political season and now after enduring this historic presidential election, I’m taking a brief respite from the blog.

I won’t be staying away completely (I’ll still drop in occasionally), but for the next two weeks, no more six or seven posts a day.


I need the break. But this seemed like the best time for a rest (even though I feel bad for leaving all the newbies in the lurch. May I suggest you skimming through the archives? Got a lot of TJ Holmes news in there.) Plus, I haven’t worked on my fiction in months and I need to start hatching out “The Black Snob 2.0.”

The details are still being worked out there, but I want a new site (with Secret Council of American Negroes incorporated into the larger parent site). I want to retool things to return the site to some balance. Sure, I’m still going to write about President-Elect Barack Obama, the Obama family and politics, but I’ve gotten away from my other passions of pop culture, music, entertainment, art, history, international affairs, ethnicity and gender. I’ve set the redesign launch date for the Inauguration, January 20, 2009.

I’ll be working out my ideas (and looking for your suggestions) on “The Black Snob 2.0” on Facebook and on this blog. Feel free to send me your opinion via my email or on Facebook. And I’ll continue to drop in and say a thing or three, but for the most part I’m going to try to really, really, really Focus On My Career 2.0 and Sleeping In A Lot 2.0.

Oh. And until I come back full-time I’ll put posting random pictures of my new “friends,” Glitter and Chuckles, who I find myself loving more with each passing day. They’re pictured here above in London. Notice how Glitter is making the photo all about her.

Yeah. Work the paps, Mimi. Work it!

Yours truly in blackness,

The Snob

13 thoughts on “On The Black Snob, From the Desk of Glitter and Chuckles

  1. YOU are the best , and we love you too! Hope you enjoy your rest, and I’ll quietly endure the Snob Withdrawal and anxiously await the Snob Refresh Ms. Blogger Extraordinaire!

  2. Snob.Blogging is a thankless job with grandiose emotional rewards. Take all the time you need and come back with a vengeance.

  3. WHAT????!!!!!ok, have fun!Make sure you eat some Sweet potato pie, get kissed under some mistletoe, and drink only Veuve Cliquot for New year’s eveAnd for the inagural!

  4. But, but, I just FOUND you! Seriously, though, enjoy your blog break. Kudos to you on your frequent posting; I can’t seem to blog more than twice a month anymore. And I look forward to the next time your blog pops up in my reader!

  5. Hey draven7. I owe you an apology for getting all righteous on another post about language you’d used. Your point is taken. Forgive me for throwing stones.

  6. I only discovered you through a random statement I typed in on google a while ago. Got hooked. I’ll miss your stuff, you’re so witty and insightful!

  7. I guess Nick Cannon and Mariah are supposed to be some sort of power couple?Maybe you are a big Mariah fan, I have not read enough yet to know that.I see people talking about – ‘they don’t know how long it will last.’ Let’s wish these two the best.

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