Yes We Can? YES WE DID!!!

6 thoughts on “Yes We Can? YES WE DID!!!

  1. My mother has wept profusely. I’m just very relieved. For the last 24 hours I knew what course history would take. McCain wasn’t on the right side of history, and neither were those who voted for him. But that’s okay because now we all can create a better society and leave this F-ed up one behind.

  2. I bet McCain is somewhere pissed off! Ha! I loved Obama’s Victory Speech. And I feel bad that on the greatest night of his political life he is so sad.

  3. 8 years late but finally America elects a president that the world admires. Go Obama! I can’t wait to see his first 100 days. This is finally the chance, with majorities in both house and senate and with an intelligent, articulate president, for America to reclaim its former glory, fix what has been broken and erase the terrible stain of the Bush years.Well done America. The world celebrates with you.

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