Hope Prevailed. Change Is Assured.

19 thoughts on “Hope Prevailed. Change Is Assured.

  1. I’m 28 years old and never in my lifetime did I believe anything of this magnitude would ever occur.A non-white President?! Are you serious? One that doesn’t have an afro with a pick, talk with a toothpick, has a wife with weave down to her ankles, two daughters with two different women, a police record, rhymes when he speaks, wears his pants saggy, speaks beautifully, respects his wife and girls, cares about ALL Americans and not just blacks, doesn’t seem like a jive turkey, no cornrows or bling, earrings and doesn’t grab his crotch when he speaks? WOW. If he doesn’t inspire little black American boys that there is more out there for them to do other than play sports, rap and sell drugs then our youth will forever be lost.Who didnt cry when Obama and his little girls walked onto the podium with Michelle? You can tell he’d been crying too. There is nothing more adorable than seeing a strong man shed tears. To not feel like he’s weak because he can show some emotion.This has been an amazing election and I cannot wait to see what the next four years will be like.Oh Gosh, his speech is over. I want him to talk for three more hours!!!Damn I love this family.We did it Y’all.Obama/Biden 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh Gosh, now Jesse is crying.There was also a moderator on MSNBC, can’t remmeber his name, that broke down in tears when describing how it felt to have a black/bi-racial President get elected in his lifetime.Whenever has anyone shown any emotion like that for a regular old white dude?Im just dying with happiness. I could run outside and hug everyone in sight.Virtual hugs to you all!

  3. I’m not expecting any miracles in terms of the economy and healthcare (thank God I don’t need a job and I have health insurance). Please Obama, just get us out of Iraq ASAP, catch Bin Ladin and build good relations with the Mideast and the rest of the world. Abolish cowboy diplomacy and work on an energy plan. And don’t go on a spending spree and give the Repubs something to blame us for.

  4. A black man as POTUS. Never expected to see this so early in my lifetime but I’m happy nonetheless. My neighbors must think I’m crazy from all the screaming and “chee-hoos” (my friends from Hawaii called me) coming from my place. My only hope for Obama’s presidency is to come off more like the black FDR than the black Jimmy Carter. I know it’s cliched but did anyone else play some Sam Cooke?

  5. Now what can I say after watching one of the most incredible moments in my life! The moment when Barack Obama was officially elected the 44th President, our next President, I couldn’t help but feel this overwhelming sense of JOY & PRIDE overtake me. I have to admit that I was weeping like a new born baby as he was given his acceptance speech. The night as a whole was more emotional then I could have ever imagined. It was truly magical!To read about history is one thing but to actual be part of it is something entirely different. I wasn’t there for the Civil Rights movement. I wasn’t there for the Women’s Rights movement. I wasn’t there when President John F Kennedy was sworn into office but I was there when the 1st African American was elected President. With all the constant talk that this country is getting better as far as equally amongst all its people, no moment instantly made that thought more relevant to every man or woman in this country than yesterday.I could finally look my child in his/her eyes and with sincerity and conviction, I could say that nothing, absolutely nothing is impossible in this great country. As long as you work hard you can achieve greatness and that is the “Hope” & “Change” that President Elect Barack Obama provide to each and every one of us! So I hope, Democrats, Republicans, Independents & every other party alike could enjoy this moment because regardless of what politics you stand for. Yesterday was so much more then that and it would be a shame if you do not see that…

  6. Geovanny, I know that many things that happened last night transcends politics. However, I’m still glad it’s over and I won’t have to hear certain elements of this long campaign season again (e.g, Guiliani’s negative opinions of Obama and Lieberman smiling like a cheshire cat on McCain’s campaign stump, etc). Hallelujah! I hope you can dig it. I knew you could.

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