Don’t Blame the Dress

Until I finish my opus on the 2008 campaign here’s a side note on my second favorite topic of discussion — what is Michelle wearing?

Never one to play it safe fashionably, Michelle Obama can go from fabulous to well … that’s the risk you take as a fashion risk takers. Sometimes folks are going to balk. Just like the floral print, crazy looking dress she wore on the last night of the Democratic National Convention the red and black widow number she trounced out for the Obama family’s BIG NIGHT has proven to be the big head scratcher leading to comments and emails such as these:

“I think Michelle usually looks super fine. But last night in Chicago!?! What was that? Could she have chosen a more unflattering dress? Time to get a stylist,” a reader, Tom

“Could see possibly have missed the fact that the dress she had on the world stage on election night was an exact rendition of a Black Widow spider. It must have come off the Halloween rack. My wife and I were shocked, and we doubt that we are the only people in the country that thought that about the dress. What was Michelle thinking ???? – Or did she choose it on purpose to make a point,” — Robert J., a reader

“For someone with such great style, the red & black dress Michelle Obama wore on election night was a horrible choice. It looked like it was made from velvet, satin, spandex and Elmo muppet fur. Not only was it unbelievably ugly, it was terribly unflattering,” Anonymous reader

“Who in the world dressed Michelle last night? Was that dress left over from Halloween? PULease!!!” Melanie, a reader.

Tell me how you really feel! But hey, I didn’t like the way it looked either, but DON’T BLAME THE DRESS! The dress is hot.

An original by designer Narciso Rodriguez, it rocked his spring 2009 collection during New York’s fashion week. It’s a cocktail dress and looks great. The problem was all the changes made to the original dress to make it more matronly and less sexy. So what you got was a weird, unflattering, choppy, red splotch with criss-crossing black satin. Perhaps the dress looked better before she added the extra material up top and the sweater. Perhaps it looked smoking. But the world will never know because she frumped it up. Sigh.

Thank goodness, Michelle will have four or more years to make this up to me.

34 thoughts on “Don’t Blame the Dress

  1. Snob, did you say that dress was “frumped up?” I think you should watch your language. Personally, I didn’t notice what she was wearing last night. Now that you mentioned it, it seems like the devil made her wear that dress (my apologies to Flip Wilson). The dress from Hades. Sorry, folks, she will always be my First Lady regardless of her fashion tastes. Peace always

  2. Michelle is the First Lady select.I hope she asks her husband to audit whosinever advised her to wear that ugly ass dress.

  3. I personally loved it. The dress made quite an impact with the lights and her daughters red dress. It was twinkling and what not. Two dimensional photos diminish the reflective quality of the dress.

  4. OOOps! Definitely one for the “give away” pile! Bottom line – we’re about to get a Fly First Lady in the White House for the first time since, you-know-who (rhymes w/”wacky”)!

  5. I thought the dress looked like the underbelly of a black widow too and was multo disappointed by it, especially now that I see the original version was actually quite cute. I like it more the more I see it, but still not her finest moment and she had better get her act together for the inauguration.

  6. I do believe she could have lost the shrug, but the dress itself was very appropriate for the occassion. I just think that it is a shame that anyone at this moment gives 2 shits about what she is wearing, LOL. We have an African American president and first lady, we can talk about what she is wearing once the shock and awe has worn off.

  7. Hmm. I liked the dress itself–I love that red on her, but yeah, I thought the ensemble was surprisingly frumping her up–she looked squatter than the actually is. I blame the shapeless black sweater. It covers up her waist. Also the shiny side panels aren’t doing good things.

  8. ooh, but I loved her fun jewelry! The dangly earrings and arm fulla skinny bangles got the big thumbs up from me.

  9. Sorry, but I loved the dress. I loved the contrast of the red and black, and I loved it was so different looking.

  10. Come on people, the dress on her wasnt hot.They look like they dressed for the holiday season. Got them kids looking like they came from a Christmas service, to Happy Holiday for me. She has looked better.

  11. The dress in itself was fine but the cardigan was unwarranted. I know that the Windy City can get chilly, but I’d suffer the cold little to look cute on Election Night.

  12. Did not like look either made her look, well…. let’s just say once she in White House, Michelle will be a fashion statement.

  13. I love Michelle Obama and I love Narcisco Rodriguez, but I did not love Michelle Obama in that Narcisco Rodriguez. Poor Michelle. :(I can’t wait to see what she’ll be wearing next, though- I’m so glad that it seems like she doesn’t have dumpy power suits with shoulder pads anywhere in her closet! Hooray!

  14. Yes, the colours were great.However, it wasn’t (1) the dress or (2) the woman in it that foiled the look. It was the absolutely horrid sweater and how she “casualized” said cardigan.For someone with so much business success, I’m stunned at her inappropriate choice. No matter, she’s The First Lady. I completely respect her, and she will get so much bad media coverage that I am confident she’ll be changing her wares.G…

  15. For weeks now, I’ve felt that Michelle has been gaining weight. I’ve read that, early in the campaign and before, she used to get up at 4:30 am to go to the gym. Talk about discipline! But the crazy campaign schedule, all those places where they put food in front of you and have to at least taste it, probably have taken their toll. (Hey, she might even be pregnant, you never know!) Her last appearances have hinted at someone having difficulty finding clothes to fit. When weight is transitioning, it can take a while to figure out what looks good. In modifying this dress to make it work for her, it lost most of its point. Adding the sweater only made it worse. Perhaps she needed it because her arms have lost tone from lack of regular exercise? But not to worry. Now the campaign is over, she’ll be back on her game. Alsace

  16. i was not a fan of the dress, it was not her best look, but Michelle and family still looked beautiful. her poise, grace and elegance are always evident no matter what she wears.

  17. it’s the sweater. ou can see in the pic where the sweter is falling back a little. the additional sweater kills the shape of the dress. i guess i feel like, if she didn’t want the dress to be sexy, she should have just chose something else.

  18. See, I am glad you wrote about this because that dress really threw me off. Normaally she looks amazing no matter what and that dress just looked blah. However now that I have seen that dress minus the sweater, it seems its more that the dress just didn’t work for Michelle.Another commenter made mention that Michelle looks like she is gaining weight. I had the same thought a few days ago, that she looked like she had put a few pounds on. Of course maybe its a baby, that would be kinda cool if she were pregnant. :^)

  19. See, I saw it as a choice partly because the woman has gained a little weight lately and partly because it’s a bit of a mourning dress, as was Sasha’s. So tho’ it wasn’t the choice I’d have imagined for her, I was cool with it in the end. It certainly did keep the attention on her.

  20. Whatever, people. It was a daring choice for a politician’s wife, moreso for a future First Lady, and looked quite vibrant and edgy as she moved across the stage. Photos diminish this quality.

  21. um, yeah…I tihnk it was the sweater that did it. Cuz of the wind, she looked like she came flying out of the back due to sheer happiness.Also, I’m not sure if you, BS, saw the pic of her voting at their polling place–CLEARLY her hair was NOT done that morning walking into Shoesmith. And then those earrings she had on that night.Actually, what Michelle gave me tonight was Mom.

  22. Me, the little ol’ white lady from California –Personally I didn’t care for the dress and I didn’t think it was flattering, but then I talked to some men, all fashion frumps, who liked it because it drew their eyes to her. I thought the girls looked adorable and they clearly felt comfortable in how they looked.Whooot! A First Family I can admire. It’s been a while.

  23. Aw, I don’t think she needs a stylist…she usually makes perfect choices and knows what looks good on her. I agree that it looked frumpy because of the sweater – she should have stuck with a Maria Pinto-style sheath. It’s hard to make a body like Michelle’s look frumpy but this dress did it! That said, I’m sure she’ll be back to her usual stylish self in no time. All eyes are on the most fashionable First Lady since Jackie O, right?-Alex

  24. ..I love Obama and Michelle..the dress another story and unusually unflattering regardless of the designer..I thought Halloween..then black widow..but then I also hated the little girls in black and garrish red..this picture will be seen forever and should have been the outfits worn in a recent family photo with Michelle in purple and the girls in turquoise and prob with me though for I know Michelle will be making fashion statements as our First Lady..I pray for them daily and I feel hopeful for this country..thanks for your blog Black Snob…

  25. …oops, anonymous me is MAE…and I’ll be reading you from now on…gotcha from The Daily Rant…MAE

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