Whatever Happens, Folks …

1) No more George W. Bush.

2) No regrets.

3) I’m going on a blog vacation/hiatus after November 8. I’ll be taking a break to rest and to retool the blog which has been almost wall-to-wall Barack Obama for months. I’ll still drop by, but the updates won’t be regular in any way, shape or form and I’ll keep everyone updated on Facebook. (If we aren’t friends on Facebook yet don’t you think it’s time?) But The Snob, re: Danielle C. Belton in real life needs a break. I’m exhausted. Plus, I need to figure out the next step for me, my career, the blog and the numerous screenplays and half-finished novles I’ve neglected due to The Black Snob. The site also needs a bit of a redesign and I need to design some new Black Snob swag to sell on my Cafe Press account for the holidays.

That said, I appreciate every donation I get because, for real, I am a poor person. And I couldn’t do this without your support. Please continue to send me your hope and your change (the kind that jingles and folds) into ye olde PayPal account.

Once again, friend me on Facebook. I’ll be tossing out ideas on the site, looking for feedback. I want you to be part of the conversation!

That said, back to the election! CNN has called Vermont for Obama and Kentucky for McCain. Dem. Mark Warner is being projected to win the senate seat in Virginia.

10 thoughts on “Whatever Happens, Folks …

  1. You’ve earned it Snob. Time to rest, regroup and prepare for a new direction. I think all of us could use a break. I know I’ll be taking one as well.

  2. I Hear ya Snob, I just found you and now your going away but everyone needs a break. I am not on facebook but i have you on my blogroll so when next you post after your break i will know.

  3. Snob, you say you’re poor and need money…Are there no prisons? Are there no workhouses? And I suppose you want Christmas Eve off too. Well, you’re robbing me blind but I’ll let you out at noon. Bah humbug! While I’m poor myself, you’re still entitled to some compensation for all of the cool writing. No one can live on love alone. I’ll check my account. You’ll find your direction. Take it easy and let the Force guide you. I’ll also check with you on Facebook. Peace, light and happiness always

  4. Thanks for riding with us through to Election Day before taking your hiatus. Your voice is a good one. I hope that your projects flourish in your hiatus! Yes you can! 🙂

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