Obama Voted … and it felt good

Did you? Because The Snob voted. Although, other than the overseas readers who can’t vote in the US election, I’m going to go out on a limb and say Black Snob readers have a higher vote rate than other types of snobs and/or readers.

Mostly because … you know … you guess seem real smart n’ junk.

But who cares about all that! Sasha and Malia were so nice to let their mommy and daddy out of the house to vote! Of course, though, they had to oversee the voting just to make sure the parents voted right. Good Lord. Wouldn’t want that “nightmare” scenario to break out that Barack jokingly described on The Daily Show where his white half won’t let his black half vote for himself.

But Malia was on it (as the photos will reveal).

Photos from The Associated Press and Reuters.

6 thoughts on “Obama Voted … and it felt good

  1. YAY!I put an Obama sticker on my Clinton t-shirt and wore it today.If Obama wins, I nominate He’s the Greatest Dancer by Sister Sledge as an inauguration song. He’s got this one!!!!!!!!!!(I’m feeling all Hopey Changey!!!):)

  2. Hi Snob, Hi ReadersI already voted but I’ve been helping people with food, water, hand rubs, whatever and lots of phone calls to friends and family back East who had no early voting like in SF where you could vote starting October 6th. We have got to change the way elections are run in this country! I’m heading over to my local HQ right now to see what else I can do. I hope to be smiling from now on!!!

  3. OMG @ draven, be my friend, please! I looooooooove “more cowbell!”I am wearing my Spelman sweatshirt, Obama Biden tee, I Voted sticker, and I’m walking downtown in a few minutes, to get my free Starbucks!I do still feel nerves in the pit pf my stomach.

  4. AOW!!!! His polling place is SOOOOOOOO the school across the street from my house in Chicago. My moms said she saw the camera crews out there that morning about to go to work.

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