Greatest Hits I: Two Years Is A Lot of Photos

13 thoughts on “Greatest Hits I: Two Years Is A Lot of Photos

  1. Damn you, Snob, I’ve barely been keeping it together today, then you go and do this. LONGEST DAY EVER! Wish I was knocking on doors instead of working. Couldn’t wear my Obama shirt to work so I wore my Dr. King shirt. Yes we can!

  2. Snob. You really are the picture fairy. Thanks. I was just listening to Obama speak about his Grandma and I took my cue from him. For the first time all election season, I am really at peace with however this thing turns out. I’m totally committed that he win, but a difference and a transformation in myself and in our nation and the world has already occurred. We are a different nation as a result of the journey taken this past year and change.Winning would just be the icing on the cake and losing wouldn’t nullify that which has already happened.(We’ll see if I’m still waxing philosophical around 9pm tonight, but I hope to be crying tears of joy and relief instead.)

  3. my God. they are absolutely beautiful! extraordinary man. extraordinary woman. the next president of the united states. LOVE these snob. as usual, i’m stealing one of your pics for facebook. 🙂

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