The Obama Family Hits The Final Lap: Springfield, Mo.

Michelle warmed up the crowd and Barack and the girls got everyone up and hopping in Springfield, Mo. as the Obama Family continued their final lap to hopeful victory Tuesday.

Will it happen? I know it better or I’m taking a mental health month. I gots that Black People’s Election Night Nervousness, the BPENN, something awful. I realize most Obama supporters are jumping with excitement over his lead and how great everything is going and how John McCain participated in some hilarious, ritualistic humiliation on Saturday Night Live, but I’m a Negro. I suffer from Chronic Negro Disappointment Syndrome, aka CNDS. It’s an epidemic. Obama’s message of “hope” isn’t about just kitten and flowers for some people allege. Hope is an actual dare for us CNDS sufferers, telling us to stop clinging to our cynicism and asthma medication and live without fear.

So while I pop some Adavan, please enjoy these lovely shots of more Barack holding Sasha and the Obamas looking incredibly dynamic in these last days before the big vote.

15 thoughts on “The Obama Family Hits The Final Lap: Springfield, Mo.

  1. OMG you feelings are just like mine. My girlfriend and I were just having this conversation. Like ok one more day I hope people get it right!!!Those pictures are awesome. Even the screaming girls.

  2. That’s amazing. Their daughter is only a bit older than my son, and I can’t even imagine taking him on the campaign trail. He’d be interrupting, wanting to play football. They’re absolutely beautiful.

  3. You are really hilarious: CNDS indeed. Your blog is my daily read. However, the Obama family love fest photos just truly break my heart. Wish he was my dad. I am so so happy for those little girls. I wish every little Black girl in this country had a daddy like that.I love Sasha’s hair. It says to be they are normal Black people, because what that hair really says is: “Girl, we don’t have time to be dealing with this mess, we’re gonna put your hair in some braids until this thing is over and mommy, daddy and grandma have more time!” I spent 99.9% of my childhood wearing pigtails; it’s so relatable.It’s so obvious they love each other and their children. You can’t fake that. And their father and husband is going to be the President of the United States…I can feel it, and I am so thrilled I can hardly breathe. My goal is just to get through today and tomorrow without busting out in song and dance or running up into people’s faces and screaming: “HE IS THE PRESIDENT! HE IS THE PRESIDENT!” I love Barack and Michelle. And I daresay they understand just what him becoming the POTUS means to us folk…I know they do. I am in NYC, and am having dinner and drinks in Harlem tomorrow night–doing Election Watch Night with some friends. I have heard it’s going to be a crazy night in Harlem, people are fired up and ready to go!I can just imagine that there will be crying and dancing in the streets, drive-by hugs and kisses from strangers.OK, I need to just stay in the day. We can do this! Yes we can!

  4. When I see the Obama family, I see the idealized version that all black people want as their own. I also think how, back in the ’80s, White Americans opened their hearts and invited the Huxtable family into their homes every week. Who are the Obamas if not the quintessential Huxtables? Maybe there’s hope afterall. Perhaps America will get it right this time.

  5. I, too, am digging the girls’ hair. The pic of those screaming girls really says something about the impact Obama and his campaign have on people. I mean…I can’t even imagine what is going on in Sasha and Malia’s mind: their Daddy’s going to be President!!!!

  6. The Obama family is my nuclear family. It’s so beautiful to see it represented so boldly. They never thought we existed when I was Maila’s age. We did and still do!I love the children with their natural hairdos. That’s real progress.

  7. Snob…as always you’ve got the best and the most Obamamania pictures anywhere.I *love* seeing this family together. I just love how much they love each other…and I can’t wait to watch the girls grow up in the White House. Malia is going to be such a regal beauty like her mom and she’s already so tall. I think she’s taller than me (and I’m full grown) and she’s only 10.Oh Happy Day! I’m torn between wanting to jump and sing with joy, but my shoulders are tense with anxiety and I’m kinda misty too. This simply has to end. I can hardly imagine surviving another full day of this.

  8. Oh and as a woman with deep-seated fangurl/groupie tendencies, I absolutely *loved* the “ZOMG! It’s Barack and he’s right there…He looked at me. He touched me!!!” Beatles reaction those girls are having. It’s one of my favorite images of the campaign. Thanks for putting it up.

  9. I’m going to start a petition to get Michelle to wear a pair of stilettos just once. Please Michelle? She’s looks so darn amazing. Purple and Super high heels woman! When I see the Obama kids I see the children back in elementary school in the 80’s, whom were so young, smart, innocent and full of life. Who’s parents were cool, took time out to play with them, but yet set them straight when the time called for it.I see them becoming good role models for all of the little black in the world whom dont have both parents right now.I dont want to come across as a Hallmark card. But I feel that Michelle and Barack could be some sort of surrogates for the little girls and boys here whom dont have that strong family structure. I just love seeing this family together.

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