The Obama Family Hits The Final Lap: Pueblo, Colo.

The Obama Family is taking the show on the road for the final days of the campaign. While they aren’t riding around in a psychedelic bus, singing, “Hey! You Think You Want to Vote for My Dad So What Are You So Afraid Of?” Here is the first part of a much larger gallery of the last two days the Obamas on the road as a family unit, spreadin’ a lil hope n’ change. But please, view the pictures with restraint. I don’t need a bunch of you overdosing on some crazy Daddy loves his wife and daughters time.

Look who’s ready to see daddy get off the big plane? Michelle and the girls, Sasha and Malia, waited happily in Pueblo, Colo. for the Daddy Obama to get out of his jet and kick off the mini family reunion.

OK. I’m starting to go into diabetic shock and all my cavities are humming. I might have the “Sasha Obama and her snaggle teeth are too cute for me” Enbola virus. Sasha Obama + pigtails + snaggle teeth + daddy-daughter pick-me-ups = I’m just going to lie down for awhile. You guys finish looking at the pictures without me.

And now that everyone is reacquainted (and completely jazzed about being together), it’s off to get a little grub and do a little stumpin’.

Oh, kids! I remember when I skipped everywhere. It just seemed like the best mode of operation. All the exhilaration of running with only half the work.

Now on to the rally.

14 thoughts on “The Obama Family Hits The Final Lap: Pueblo, Colo.

  1. Did you peep the sharp-shooter above Barack in the one photo?Great pictures; just loves the ones of him and Sasha; she just loves her Daddy.Black family love is great!!!!

  2. They are the most loving family. You don’t see this much in politics. That last time I can think of kids being that cute in the White House is The Kennedy’s. Remember John John hanging out under his father’s desk? That’s what I feel when I see the Obama’s. Maybe its just me….

  3. “all the exilaration of running with only half the work.”Truer words never spoken. I might skip for the rest of the day now. Wonder how many calories that would burn?

  4. and on that note…i think i WILL take off wednesday – friday – TO CELEBRATE….RELAX…RELATE……and take this ALL in

  5. I saw the sharpshooter. Michelle is an incredibly brave woman. I don’t know if I could take such a risk. She must be frightened out of her mind. I’m gonna hafta steal one of these pictures. They’re just too adorable.

  6. Look at them just sitting in the cafe like normal everyday people =DAh, so wonderful!I remember skipping everywhere, seems like so long ago…

  7. oh my god…the pictures of sasha and malia running towards their father when he is getting off the plane….tears in my eyes. Just saw there here last night in Cleveland and all that Strong Black Love was almost too much to witness in person.

  8. Awwwwwww! Sasha Obama = America’s Sweetheart. I love the family Obama. I want one!!! Actually, my family was pretty much like that, except my dad was a professor, not a Rock Star and my brother and I fought a whole lot more than I think Sasha and Malia seem to.Maybe Barack really does have a fairy unicorn in an enchanted “change” forest where they sneak off to to get their magical family love dust replenished.

  9. You can tell that Sasha is such a Daddy’s girl. Malia seems to be more attached to Michelle.I so adore the fourth pictureMalia seems to be lifting Sasha away from the steps of the plane. As if to say, “dang girl, let him get off down the steps first, then we’ll attack him with kisses. He’s not going anywhere.”They are just so cute together. Michelle seems like the feisty one. And Barack seems like the one that gives in and rushes to buy flowers so as to not have her ever angry with him.I want a Barack and Michelle doll.

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