It’s All Relative

Some Monday morning weirdness from reader Dory! Sayeth she, “This is a little disturbing. Barack does not look cute with John Edwards ‘do, but I find John McCain surprisingly cuddly as a distinguished looking older black man. He kinda reminds me of my Uncle Lloyd.”

I also think Black McMaverick kind of looks like a darker Colin Powell.

8 thoughts on “It’s All Relative

  1. Whoa, that picture reminds me of the movie “The Watermelon Man,” which I have in the Netflix queue ironically. I love this comedy, starring the late great Godfrey Cambridge, about a white man who wakes up and discovers that he’s turned black overnight. You never see flicks like this on TV anymore. Funny stuff.

  2. The darker John McCain just looks more sheisty to me. Like the creepy gym teacher that looks under the girls skirts when they’re changing into their shorts.The Obama model is oogly. Maybe if they’d put the hair on a different picture of him it wouldn’t be so bad. But he looks like a modern porn star dressed up to look nice, right before he cuts to the scene where he…. Well you know.Anyways, whomever did this had too much time on his hands. I understand their point in doing this, but its useless.Just one more day y’all!

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