Chris Matthews Predicts the Stylish Look of an Obama Administration

I didn’t know Chris did fashion reporting too!

Sayeth The New York Times (via Gawker):

“Think of the Kennedys,” Mr. Matthews said, when asked the impact on Washington if Obama wins. “A mixed administration. Pragmatic. Some liberal tendencies, not overwhelming. Very tough. Very smart. Thin ties — are you looking at this?”

He demonstrated on his own black silk tie, folding it in half. “Well-turned-out men. No sloppiness. Just work.

“It will be zesty,” he added.

Chris also said over the weekend that he never wants this election to end. Um … shut your face. This bitch is ending! (Photo via NYT)

5 thoughts on “Chris Matthews Predicts the Stylish Look of an Obama Administration

  1. I’ve heard that Tom Ford has offered to dress Obama for free–our boy would be clean as hell if that happened.I don’t know how I feel about the word “zesty,” though…that brings to mind Miss Jay from ANTM lightly brushing Michelle with glitter powder.

  2. I’ve always thought Obama could just step right into the cast of “Mad Men” with that sharp, cosmopolitan look.I’ve said repeatedly that Michelle was the new Jackie-O.

  3. No Mam, Miss Greer. Michelle is Better than Jackie O. Miss Michelle is fierce!This entire election has been more exciting and dramatic than the Bush/Gore fiasco of 8 years ago. So many twists and turns. So much emotion, so much hate. So much joy, so much disappointment. Jerry Bruckheimer couldn’t have written this better. I too don’t want this to end in a sense. So much togetherness. But, my God, can you imagine hearing at about 2am early Wednesday morning that we would have elected our first Black or Bi-racial, however you want to say it, President of the United States?I’ll be beside myself. This will be my third time voting. And to actually have reason to cry. The feeling, it’ll be outstanding.Never in my and my kids lifetime did I ever think I’d see something even close to this.

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