True, True: Wassup 2008

Funny, yet depressing, then hopeful, but still … a touch depressing. Nothing like seeing almost everything wrong about the last eight years summed up in a two minute parody of one of Anheuser-Busch’s most famous advertisement campaigns. No matter how you feel about either candidate, I’m so glad there’s no way I’ll wake up on Inauguration Day 2009 and Georgie Porgie Destroy-Everything-I-Touch Puddin’-n-Pie will be there with his hand on the Bible … again. That said … OBAMA ’08! (Courtesy of reader Nalia).

7 thoughts on “True, True: Wassup 2008

  1. Man, that’s funny because there’s a lot of truth in it. If you can’t relate to it, count your lucky stars. Peace and happiness always. (the guy in the video shaved his salt-and-pepper beard and is almost unrecognizable).

  2. Just barely grasped the reasoning beyond WASSUP back in the day BUT now…Now unfornately I get it…great to see the positive vibe even in the midst of all the chaos and yes sorrow…in less than 48 hours…it’s ride or die for Obama/Biden!!!!

  3. I was lukewarm on the original wassup campaign, but I LOVE this parody. I think I’m going to have to pilfer it for my own blog.-e

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