SNL Goes B-A-N-A-N-A-S With John McCain, Keith Olbermann, Tina Fey, Ben Affleck, The View and more

I don’t know if taking time out for Saturday Night Live in the middle of a heated campaign was a smooth move for John McCain, but it was a hilarious move.

Reliving some of his SNL glory days, John McCain did a great parody of John McCain (including the nervous blinking, but I don’t think he was doing that on purpose), with Tina Fey as Sarah Palin, perfect as ever … going rogue by threatening to never leave the national stage. It’s either the White House or “the white Oprah.” Brava and bravo, Fey and McCain.

McCain was also pretty good on the Weekend Update segment introducing new political moves like “The Double Maverick” and “The Sad Grandpa” in which he said the strategy was to whine that Obama would have plenty of chances to be president and it was McCain’s turn. Once again, what will SNL do once this is all over? The comedy show will be doing a special election episode on Monday on NBC.

The show also had some fun at MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann expense. The sketch was a bit wordy and ran long (just like My Fair Keithy). It was also more than eight minutes and starred the evenings co-host Ben Affleck who kept cracking himself up while trying to shout all his lines. It eventually hit the funny button hard when Affleck did a cheesy send up of Olbermann’s sometimes self-righteous “Special Comments” by making it about him trying to get a three bedroom apartment that wouldn’t take him because he owned a cat. A fluffy, white, fey as all get out, cat.

There was even a sketch of “The View” and while it wasn’t as good as the above three, if you closed your eyes Kristen Wiig’s Elisabeth Hasselbeck was so good it was horrifying. Fred Armisen’s Joy Behar was both right and wrong and one-dimensional and Joy’s not that bad. As for Kennan, your Whoopi sucked, but you’re the only black person on the show. I guess you can only do so much with what they give you. And Casey New Girl What’s Your Face? That was a Jennifer Aniston parody? Was that the ONLY celeb they could think for you to do (or the only celeb you could do)? Lame, new girl. Very lame.

17 thoughts on “SNL Goes B-A-N-A-N-A-S With John McCain, Keith Olbermann, Tina Fey, Ben Affleck, The View and more

  1. Afflek nailed Keith Olbermann last night. Even the head the moves. I don’t think he will be too happy but that one was bang on.

  2. The Olbermann skit was way too long but funny as hell. McCain was just, sad. Even Tina Fey wasn’t quite up to par until she went “rogue” on him. Sadly enough I enjoyed Cindy’s part most.

  3. Didn’t think John did well at all. It just made him seem more desperate LOLAnd Ben’s Keith Olbermann was fantastic! I love Keith, but that was funny

  4. Comedy is all relative, Snob. I didn’t find McCain funny either. It was painful too watch and it looked beneath him to do. I guess he WILL do anything to be president. I don’t like to speak ill against a fellow liberal, but the skewering of Olbermann was well overdo. Bravo to Affleck and SNL. Although The View segment was uneven, Wiig got Hasselbeck’s annoying mannerisms down cold. Even I wanted to B-smack her.

  5. Snob, I don’t know what you were drinking, but SNL was terrible last night. However, MADtv’s Robot Condi skit was an instant classic. See it if you can.

  6. McCain was alright, I liked the McCain fine gold and the sad grandpa part. But the Olbermann skit was definitely the best part. I watch Countdown nearly every night and I fell out of my chair laughing. The German coat was pretty awesome too. The rest of the show was meh, as SNL generally tends to be.

  7. To me it said a lot that McCain would agree to the skit where Fey went rogue on him.He knows what she is all about and I guess doing that portion of the skit was his opportunity to stick it to Palin….

  8. Hey, I thought Old Senator Walnuts did good. He looked sad and desperate because he is sad and desperate. That was the point of both skits. And in comparison with previous stints on the show I thought it was up to par. But c’set la vie. I thought the QVC skit was just funny.

  9. I saw the clips and McCain was actually charming, funny and likeable…I was shocked. Where’s he been all year? Even Cindy showed her sense of humor which I’ve never seen displayed. I think it’s too little too late and it almost seemed like a concession. Even watching him in clips from rallies today, it sounds like he’s just going through the motions. I guess at the point where his top surrogate on the economy went from being the former head of HP to the man known as JTP, even he could see the writing on the wall.

  10. BTW, I have to agree with reasontogether. I thought John Mc was a little out of line allowing SNL to skewer SP with the rogue stuff the way they did. It’s one thing to let them make fun of you, but it’s another thing altogether to allow a ‘stranger’ to make fun of your partner like that. Kind of a diss if you ask me and I can’t imagine she appreciated it.

  11. I thought Cindi McCain was hilarious. It’s the first time in this whole campaign that I liked her.

  12. As a faithful fan of The View, I actually think Keenan did well as Whoopi. There is more to Joy, but they did well on her part too.McCain shouldn’t have participated in a skit making his potential VP look bad, though

  13. I concur. I saw The View segment again this weekend and laughed harder. It was definitely funnier on a second viewing. Keenan done good.

  14. I thought it was meh. Keith Olbermann was good, even though SNL always has a way of prolonging a skit to a point where it’s not funny anymore (but in this case, it was appropriate.) The View was a disappointment. And the only funny parts of the McCain skits (to me) was Palin’s “going rogue,” Cindy McCain selling jewelry and “sad Grandpa.”

  15. Whoopie: “We don’t know who did this and who did that, and who did what to who…Honeychild, you won’t there…you don’t know.”Joy: “That’s a lie. So What? Who cares?

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