Trick-O-Treat with Barack and Sasha Obama

Barack Obama took a break from politickin’ to take his youngest daughter Sasha trick-or-treating for Halloween. Any guesses as to what Sasha is dressed up as? Is she some form of rag-tag ghost? Is it part of a pirate costume?

And naturally, where Barack and the “littlest” Obama went so did an entourage of Secret Service, neighborhood families with kids in costume and a media wolf pack. My favorite shot was of another little girl named Sasha (Sasha Salk, 10) who went out in the Obama’s Chicago neighborhood dressed as Barack and pretended to take press questions. She looks like she’s having the greatest Halloween of her life. Let’s hope Barack gets the greatest day of his life (next to marrying Michelle and having the kiddies) come Wednesday. (Pictures via The Associated Press and Reuters)

35 thoughts on “Trick-O-Treat with Barack and Sasha Obama

  1. Obama’s wife and beautiful daughters will always be his greatest joy. As an aside, I hate to say this because I used to love dressing in all black, but I don’t think Obama should keep sporting this look. I’m really a New Ager and one of my favorite spiritual writers explained that wearing black (it has nothing to do with race) attracts negative energies. There are materials out there that expound on how different colors attract different energies. To most people this sounds like hogwash, I know, so I won’t waste time trying to change opinions. At any rate, it would also do members of the clergy good to dress in white, for instance. Peace always

  2. Sasha is dressed as a “corpse queen”, per AP reports (think both Barack and Michelle had mentioned this, too?).

  3. Was Dad in charge of the child? Someone comb her hair! He can rule the free world but not that hair! This is too cute.@draven7 – the color black is for protection, banishing, binding and repelling (at least in my spiritual beliefs, my practice it’s another thing). So Obama can wear it ALL the time if it will keep him from harm.

  4. Perhaps, Greer. From my perspective it means something entirely different. No matter, same difference. What will be, will be. Peace always

  5. I live in chicago and my boyfriend lives very close to Barack. The police has the entire block, blocked off with cement barricades and multiple police officers at each end of the block. It’s crazy to see that much security in one place.

  6. @anonymous – Really? We have kinky hair? (Looks in mirror) OMG! We do! I’m well aware that Michelle isn’t doing the perm thing with her daughters, I hope she never does. I don’t do the perm thing either, it’s wild and it’s chem free like nature intended. Kink is kool. But I will get behind the “corpse queen” theory on why her hair isn’t neat.

  7. I had not seen the pictures of the little girl that dressed up as Barack. That is way too cute. I hope she got to meet him. As for the costume that Sasha was wearing I’m totally not digging it. If you have to stand there and guess what it is, that is an indicator that the costumes need work. I had the cutest little boy dressed as beetlejuice yesterday and I almost died laughing he was so cute.

  8. Sasha went as Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride. I love the pictures. The video cracked me up. You got the SS following them. What you didn’t get in the pics is the long line of SS SUVs following along as they go down the street. Cracked me up.I can testify to the tight security on the street. barracades and police greet you as you drive by his street. And no, nothing is wrong with Sasha’s hair.

  9. Snob.Obama Family Alert. Series of pictures of them in Colorado, I believe. They met Daddy’s plane and went to the rally with them. Fabulous pics. Found some of them at HuffingtonPost. Sure that you will find more.

  10. I don’t mean to hate, but Sasha’s hair definitely needs some attention.It looked the same way when she greeted her Dad in CO – unkempt. It looks like Zahara Jolie-Pitt’s stylist has taken over. I’m not saying it needs to be super stylish, just freshly combed or brushed and plaited. Look, I get it that they’re busy, tired and probably don’t have a ton of time for hair, but somebody clearly spent some time on Malia’s hair and now Sasha’s needs some attention.

  11. I agree that there is nothing wrong with the “texture” of the little cutie’s hair. Which is what some are confusing with it being messy.Her hair IS messy. She just needs a little oil or water and a brush to put her little fly up’s back down. Im sure it gets messy easily as she’s a little girl that probably has a ton of energy. And believe me, I have 3 kids. Make them nice, neat and pretty, give them 10 minutes and they’ll come back to you looking like they got into a fight with some alley cats.We’ll all have to get used to seeing two little girls living in the white house with some “messy” hair then. Malia was at an event yesterday and she had her hair in some loose twists. And thats how we do our hair, when we dont want to be bothered with it. It’s low key and fancy free.The little girl dresses as Barack is adorable. Probably one of the cutest costumes I’ve seen this season. She’s even got his movements down pat.

  12. @dkan71″It looked the same way when she greeted her Dad in CO – unkempt.” WOW SMH!!!People wonder why blk women make koreans rich. THe self hate that lingers in blacks is appalling.

  13. I personally think Sasha hair looks great. Michelle and Barack are not your average black people. Michelle is not the black woman that hates herself. I remember an interview that was done with one of her friends on GMA when she said Michelle LOVES being an AA woman. ITs 2009, there will always be those blacks that have a slave mentality like Al Sharpton,Jessie Jackson and may more black people in this country.Michelle and Barack are “different blacks”* they are educated* articulate* Barack is not a deadbeat* Michelle has her own hair* Their children are smart* Michelle is not ghetto* They went to COLLEGEThe list goes on………These are some of the reasons why *we* non-blacks LOVE them, they are different than the rest. I believe if Barack gets elected some blacks might start becoming like them, which would be a good thing. Sidenote: I hope blacks will vote this year because you all did not vote in 2004.Maria NgObama-Biden 2008

  14. To Bella:You sound as ignorant as they come. Please don’t appear as un-educated and unenlightened by stereotyping the entire black Americans in this country. Just as every race we come from different backgrounds, classes, neighborhoods, family values etc. There are thousands of black Americans who goes to college, who aren’t “urban”, and I was raised in a home with both parents and on good values. Do yourself a favor by picking up a book and educating yourself.

  15. Vanity Reloaded,The ratio of black men to black women in COLLEGE is 1 to 10. That means there is ONE blk male to every 10 blk women. Ignorant? Because I am telling you why he appeals to OTHER RACES. Ignorant? Because people of non color see them as the real Cosby famliy. Ignorant? Because blk people have made fun of the way Barack speaks or the way Michelle looks.(blacks “he speaks white”) Ignorant? Because there are blacks stuck in the 60’s. (Jessie Jackson/rappers) Ignorant? Because I am telling the truth about Michelle and Barack. Ignorant? Because when Barack said, “black fathers need to take care of their kids” many black people have an attitude because he said that. Ignorant? Because black women tend to find flaws in Michelle’s beauty, while whites and others appreciate. Ignorant? Because when I read post about Maila and Sasha on blk websites they complain about their hair. Instead of aying damn here you have a guy who flew in just to spend time with his kids. Look at the post above. That is ignorant!!!Oh, I forgot SOME blacks don’t like the truth. That is why Oprah, Bill Cosby and may more are hated in the blk community because they tell blacks the truth.

  16. As Chris Matthews has said, “Barack has done EVERTHING RIGHT.” Which means he has broken the streotype that some have against blacks.

  17. Bella no one is disputing what you’re saying. But when you write, “you all”, you grouping every single black American in one barrell.THAT is what makes everything else you write not worthy of reading.Or are you black too, since you don’t like being told the truth?

  18. We’re all brothers and sisters in our human family. In this life you may be Japanese, and in next one you may be Chinese. Or you have already been Chinese, and you’ll be an Arab in the next round. Ain’t it cool?

  19. dear anonymous, who is so bold with diagnosing my black self-hatred, but remains anonymous. Thanks. I get it. President Obama’s sh!t doesn’t stink; any observations that are less than flattering will be likened to treason and black people’s natural hair is too damn unwieldly to look neat. Oh…and in case I forget – f@ck you!

  20. I think that it is great that everyone is passionate, but we should still be as respectful as possible. With that being said, I do have a few things to say to Maria Ng (Bella). When you characterize an entire group on the actions of some members it will irk those who know that the representation does not fit their own upbringing and lifestyle. Yes, you may feel that there is truth in what you said, but are you telling me that you have not met any African Americans that either closely resemble the Obamas or at least have several of the same attributes?!? Where are you hanging out and with whom? Perhaps you should take a page out of Obama’s book and turn off the T.V. Numerous AA families uphold strong morals, values and always have for their entire life. How have you not met any of these individuals like myself and other readers of this blog? I believe that your statements tell us more about you then anything else, but that is what is great about this country. However, I wish you the best and good luck on Tuesday.Truly,Jenn

  21. I can’t imagine there is one Black woman who posts to or reads this blog that “hates herself”. Hell, I don’t think I’ve ever even MET a Black woman that “hates herself”. But I’m sure there are a large number of us that are frustrated with a society that tries it’s damndest to convince us to “hate” ourselves. Or convince others to “hate” us or believe we “hate” ourselves.Hate is a very, very strong emotion. Be careful not to sling it around cavalierly as it has a tendency to make itself manifest.

  22. I know Barack and Michelle want to protect the girls from the limelight, but they are going to have to work extra hard with Sasha. That little cutie likes the cameras and they like her.

  23. bella…i just read your comments, though not fully, cuz long comments by ignorant people bore me. Girlfriend, you are just ignorant and out of line and I bet you don’t even realize how bigoted you are. What you assert in your post would be like if all the black people on this thread started talking about how Michelle Malkin is a good role model for Asian women, cuz unlike the rest of them she isn’t subservient, good at math or a nail tech, is actually fluent in English, not good at martial arts, and doesn’t eat dogs and chew with her mouth open. May I suggest you read a book by a black author, do more reading than writing on blogs like this and engage in open-minded dialogue with a diverse sampling of black people to expand your limited horizons. At least you’ve got the Obama ’08 part right, so I know there’s hope for you yet.

  24. Dkan71, oh no you didn’t, girlfriend! My ex was Asian and she couldn’t stand Michelle Malkin. I had to stop watching Fox News years ago because it was increasing my hypertension whenever she came on.

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