It’s Bipartisan Kidz Rap!

Boy, this brings back memories of Black History Day programs at Keeven Elementary in North St. Louis County. I was the narrator almost every year (because I wanted the most lines and to be on the stage the whole time) and I was in the choir. And our choir was the hotness. If only all of elementary school had been choir and Black History Day programs and not me constantly being called a wannabe white nerdlinger who called the teacher “Mommy” that one time. Sigh.

(Don’t get me started on how confusing all thirteen years of primary and secondary schooling were for me. The world seemed to have this love/hate relationship with The Snob where The Snob was totally lame … until you needed something. Then everyone liked The Snob. Will you sit next to The Snob on the bus? Hell no. Do you immediately pick The Snob to be your lab partner? Of course. Nothing like being reaffirmed that you’re talented then being trashed for being “different” when you no longer pose a use.)

This, by the way is video of students from Atlanta’s Ron Clark Academy performing “You Can Vote However You Like,” (a parody of rapper TI’s “Whatever You Like”). For the lyrics, (because some of those little tykes are enunciating) are here under the information tab on the YouTube page. These kids were all over CNN earlier in the week. They remind me of a Christmas program we did once at Keeven where the boys sang “I’m Getting Nothing for Christmas” while rocking backwards baseball caps and sunglasses. Good times.

8 thoughts on “It’s Bipartisan Kidz Rap!

  1. Snob, you’re crying with two loaves of bread under your arm, as my mother would say. I love hearing those kids sing. Parochial school is the best. I think every child should experience it. I loved our green blazers and ties, our innocence, our corny religious jokes. There was a girl who wore a long braid in the middle of her head. We called it the Tree of Life. Fun times, indeed.

  2. Snob,Wow I have been trying to view your blog for a really long time. It was loading really weird, none of your posts were showing. So I thought I’d try again today and its loading perfectly!I missed reading your blog. šŸ™‚

  3. monie: Hey! Glad to have you back! Yeah. It was loading reeeeaaallly slow for everyone including me. I realized I had too much bad script embedded in the page so I did some house cleaning yesterday. Things are running better now.

  4. That’s adorableSeriously…that’s like the cutest thing I’ve ever seenAlthough it’s kinda sad that these kids know way more about politics than most of the adults I speak to

  5. naturally me!: Hey. Nothing like being the weird, brainy black girl. (Or outsider anything. Until high school, most of my friends were other “rogues” within the black youth community. Like the quiet, but angry black sci-fi nerd boy from the upper Midwest who liked drawing dragons and fantasy castles all the time. God, the two of us were freaks in the eighth grade, but we kept it real!)

  6. Keeven Elementary’s choir was the hotness!!! I went there years ago and it was the best!!!!! LOL.

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