The Riggle Sanchez Gets A Goat By the Throat

Normally I can’t stand Rick Sanchez’s 2 p.m. show on CNN because it is all over the place, no one talks for longer than 30 seconds on any given subject and it gives me seizures to see him bounce from “Twitter” board to “Facebook” page, all which seem too informal in a news setting. But even CNN’s own personal Latino Rob Riggle does something Snob-worthy once-in-a-while and this, sir and/or ma’am, is it.

That McCain flack didn’t know whose show he just stepped into, just making shizz up in front of Rob … I mean, Rick Riggle … I mean … Rob Sanchez, I mean … The Riggle Sanchez don’t PLAY that! You start naming names when you slander, Mr. McCainiac. NAME NAMES! No we don’t know who you are referring to! (Via The Huffington Post)

10 thoughts on “The Riggle Sanchez Gets A Goat By the Throat

  1. Classic! If McCain’s people took all the time and energy they use to spread unsubstantiated rumors about Obama, and spent like 50% of that talking about issues that people ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT (the economy, health care, etc.), McCain would have a much better chance of getting elected next week.

  2. Oy, I meant to say this. There are Jewish necknecks, and there are redneck rednecks. Rick tore that putz a new one. (can’t get my pronouns right). I’ve got MS, folks. I’m dealing with it.

  3. I saw that yesterday; the other guy just wouldn’t say the name.I bet he was scurred he would get a lawsuit smacked upside his head if he said who he meant ( prolly Farrakhan).DEEDLELEE

  4. Round #2 apparently he was talking about Reverend Wright. I swear those people don’t know when to stop beating a dead horse. Folk don’t care about this isht when they have a quarterly reminder of how quickly their 401ks are disappearing.

  5. I can’t remember the last time I saw anyone in the media actually BITCH SLAP a guest. Personally I’d like to see more of that. How refreshing.

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